Eva Dry Dehumidifier Review: It is best for RV?

EVA DRY Dehumidifier Review

Eva Dry dehumidifier brands every type of dehumidifier that one might need. From dehumidifiers for RV to home use, they have got it all. But are they even worth your money?

Well, this Eva Dry dehumidifier review will help you find out.

Without any further ado, let’s begin.

Eva Dry Dehumidifier Models List 

Eva Dry Dehumidifier Classification by Application

Are you looking for an Eva Dry dehumidifier for a specific purpose? The following are the best Eva Dry dehumidifiers based on their applications. 

DepartmentEva Dry DehumidifiersFor spacesCapacityDimensions
For GreenhouseEDV-4000 Dehumidifier4000 sq. ft.2 liter7×11.5×18 in
For GarageEDV-2200 Mid Size Dehumidifier2200 sq. ft.2 liter6.8×8.5×14 in
For HomeEDV-2400 Large Dehumidifier2400 sq. ft.1.6 pounds7.75×7.75×12.5 in
For RVEDV-1100 Petite Dehumidifier1200 sq. ft.16 oz.6.5×5.3×8.5 in
For BoatEDV-365-1C-CS Dehumidifier400 sq. ft.6 to 8 oz.3.25×3×6.25 in
For SafeE-333 Renewable Dehumidifier333 sq. ft.4 to 6 oz.6.25×1.25×4.75 in
For ClosetE-250 Mini Dehumidifier150 sq. ft.4 to 6 oz.7×2×4.25 in

Eva Dry Dehumidifier Classification by Power Source

No matter if you love passive dehumidifiers or think that an active cord one would suit your situation better. Well, the following Eva Dry dehumidifiers are classified by the power source. Choose the one which suits your preferences.

Power SourceEva Dry DehumidifierFor spacesCapacityDimensions
Active cordEDV-1200 dehumidifier1200 sq. ft.8 oz.5.75×5.75×8.75 in
Renewable cordlessE-500 dehumidifier500 sq. ft.6 to 8 oz.5.5×2.5×5.5 in
PassiveE-150 dehumidifier150 sq. ft.4 to 6 oz.10×8×8 in

How to Use Eva-Dry Renewable Dehumidifier?

In my opinion, one of the easiest dehumidifiers to use is a renewable one. And Eva-dry E-500 dehumidifier is just that. So, how can you use the Eva-dry renewable dehumidifier?

Eva-dry EDV500 Dehumidifier

Well, it is simple.

The Eva-Dry E-500 dehumidifier looks like any normal dehumidifier. But in its plastic shell is a chemical desiccant, silica gel. The silica gel beads are orange in color. But after absorbing the moisture from the air, these beads turn green.

So, does that mean once the beads are green the dehumidifier will not work anymore? No!!!

You can simply plug in the Eva-Dry E-500 dehumidifier. With the help of electricity, the dehumidifier dries the silica bead. And once the beads turn to orange again they are ready for use.

As the Eva-Dry E-500 renewable dehumidifier does not require electricity to run, it is perfect for cars. You can charge the dehumidifier every few days and enjoy the fresh air in your car.

Eva Dry EDV-1200 Dehumidifier Specifications

EDV-1200 is one of the most sought-after dehumidifiers from this brand. And due to its compact design and noise-free operation, it is considered perfect for several different applications. So, let’s look more into this dehumidifier.

Eva Dry EDV-1200 Dehumidifier
Eva Dry EDV-1200 Dehumidifier
Extraction rate8 oz. or 0.5-pint
Working area1200 sq. ft.
Working temperatureNot specified
Water tank capacity30 oz.
Energy efficiencyMedium
Weight2.55 lbs.
Dimension5.75 x 5.75 x 8.75 inches

Who’s Eva Dry EDV-1200 Dehumidifier For?

As you already know by the specification chart above, the Eva Dry EDV-1200 dehumidifier is small in size. This compact design makes it perfect for enclosed spaces. For example, you can put it in your closet, kitchen, small bedroom, or similar small spaces. As long as the room area is 1200 sq. ft. or below, the EDV-1200 dehumidifier would work perfectly.

However, as this dehumidifier can only remove up to 0.5 pints of moisture per day, it would be better suited for slightly damp areas. If the hygrometer shows more than 70% humidity then the EDV-1200 dehumidifier might not be for. Although, you can always get multiple EDV-1200 and place them at 1200 sq. ft. difference for better results.

If you want to check out dehumidifiers for your motorhome, check out our article best RV dehumidifier guide

Eva Dry EDV-1200 Dehumidifier Review: Design Impression

In this section of the Eva Dry EDV-1200 dehumidifier review, I will share my first and honest impression of this dehumidifier’s design.

EDV-1200 Dehumidifier Size


The first I noticed after taking the EDV-1200 dehumidifier out of the box was how small this dehumidifier actually is. By the size of it, this Eva-Dry dehumidifier looks perfect for RV, boats, small rooms, kitchen, closet, and other smaller spaces.

Rubber Feet

Another great thing about this design is the rubber feet. These rubber feet prevent the dehumidifier from tripping over in a car or RV.


The weight of the EDV-1200 dehumidifier is also low and hence it is perfect to travel with. You can easily shift it from one room to another without straining your arms.

Power Connector

The power connector on this dehumidifier is on the side which does not look good. However, it does not make that big of a difference.

Air Vent

he EDV-1200 dehumidifier ir Vent

One thing that I found impressive about the EDV-1200 dehumidifier design is the placement of the air vents.  On the top of the dehumidifier, there is a hot air vent. Meanwhile, the humid air suction vent is on the side. As hot air is lighter and humid air is heavier, this dehumidifier vent design promises optimum dehumidification.

Water Tank & Transparent Window

The EDV-1200 has a compact water tank that fits in its place without any additional steps. The water tank also has a straightforward grab-and-pull design. Furthermore, on the front face of the dehumidifier, there is a transparent window that indicates the water level in the reservoir. 

Removal Capacity

The Eva Dry EDV-1200 dehumidifier removes up to 0.5 pints of moisture from the air every day or 3.5 pints every week. This extraction rate is very low in comparison to conventional dehumidifiers that feature a 30-70 pints extraction rate. However, this low removal capacity is the reason for this dehumidifier’s compact shape.

Due to this low extraction rate per day, Eva Dry the EDV-1200 dehumidifier is not suitable for places with extremely high humidity. It works great in enclosed spaces. The best place to use it would be a smaller Rv or a closet with valuable items and jewelry. 

Eva Dry EDV-1200 Dehumidifier Real Testing

When I first got the EDV-1200 dehumidifier by Eva Dry, I was blown away by its performance. But that was not enough.

So, A list of other customers’ reviews. Enjoy!

Eva Dry EDV-1200 Dehumidifier Reveiw #1

I have attached the craft room that contains sensitive supplies. As I live near the coast the humidity is always higher than average. This was ruining my craft supplies. I decided to get 4 different dehumidifiers, including the Eva Dry EDV-1200, to check which one will work best for the attached craft room.

I also got 2 hygrometers to check the actual humidity level. After consistently using the EDV-1200 dehumidifier for 2 weeks, it lowered the humidity level by 11%. This was incredible because the dehumidifier is compact and perfect for the smaller-sized craft room.

Also, as the water bucket is big enough, I only needed to empty it once every two days. And it is also well-made and does not leak at all.

Eva Dry EDV-1200 Dehumidifier Review #2

My children are allergic to molds, pollen, and dog dander. And due to the shape of their room and high windows, their room used to be mostly humid. This increased my concerns as high humidity can trigger certain allergies.

So, this is when I decided to get a compact dehumidifier for their room. I got the Eva Dry EDV-1200 dehumidifier at a good price and placed it on their windows. I let the air dehumidifier run continuously and empty the water tank once every few days. And since I have installed the dehumidifier the humidity level in their room has decreased exponentially.

Eva Dry EDV-1200 Dehumidifier Review #3

The humidity is high in my city and to get rid of it I bought a big dehumidifier. However, I own a big house with multiple bedrooms. And due to the size of my house, the previous dehumidifier could not reduce the humidity from every room.

This is when I came across the Eva Dry EDV-1200 dehumidifier. Since then, I have bought 3 dehumidifiers. I place each one of them in each bedroom. Due to the compact size of the device, it does not take any space and it also works quietly.

Eva Dry Renewable Dehumidifier Worth Buying? 

So, you read the entire Eva Dry dehumidifier review but are still unsure if you should buy the renewable dehumidifier or not? Well, here is a quick pros and cons list to guide you.


  • The overall cost of the Eva Dry desiccant dehumidifier is low and it can be recharged to use again.
  • Due to its compact size, it is perfect for enclosed spaces, such as closets, RVs, kitchens, small bedrooms, etc.
  • It does not require to be plugged in when working. Once the beads turn green you can recharge them and use them without the wire.
  • As the Eva Dry renewable dehumidifier has no motor, it offers ultimate quiet operation.


  • The Eva Dry renewable dehumidifiers are not suitable for severely humid palaces. The extraction rate per day of the renewable dehumidifier is comparatively lower than a traditional dehumidifier.
  • These renewable dehumidifiers take way too long to recharge.

In my opinion, the Eva Dry renewable dehumidifiers are one of the best on the market. And they are perfect for small spaces. So, if you are having trouble with high humidity in enclosed spaces in your house, get this dehumidifier.


I am Johnson, welcome here. I love RV travel, and RV is more than simply a mode of travel for me, it is a way of life. But terrible humidity and mold destroy my freedom and happiness, so I started cardehumidifiers.com to share my own experiences and sources of dehumidifiers to generate even more value. You can find out more about my story here or follow me on Youtube if you wish. If the humidity is also trapped around you, the articles here will have some tips and suggestions and reviews of dehumidifier, hoping to help you and more people.

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