Toshiba 50 Pint Dehumidifier TDDP5013ES2 Review

Toshiba 50 Pint Dehumidifier TDDP5013ES2 Review

Toshiba is one of the most famous brands, and it offers a ton of different dehumidifiers; the Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 is one of them. But should you get this product or not? In this Toshiba 50 pint dehumidifier review, you will be able to read an in-depth study of this dehumidifier.

So, let’s get started.

Toshiba 50 Pint Dehumidifier TDDP5013ES2 Specifications

Removal/day50 pints
Working area4500 sq. ft
Noise levelLow
Working temperature35 ℉ or higher
Auto settingsTimer and automatic shut off
Water tank capacity1.6 gallon
Energy efficiencyEnergy Star certified
Weight43.87 lbs
Dimensions11.73 x 24.41 x 16.81 inches

Who’s Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 Dehumidifier For?

Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 50 pint dehumidifier is perfect for 4500 sq. ft. areas. Due to its high extraction rate, I recommend it for basements, homes, or offices with extremely high humidity.

However, if you are looking for a dehumidifier for your RV, check out RV Dehumidifiers for more suitable recommendations.

Toshiba 50 Pint Dehumidifier Features

In this section of the review, I will point out the key features of this product.

Toshiba 50 Pint Dehumidifier TDDP5013ES2

Remarkable Dehumidification

Its dehumidification process is the first feature that makes the Toshiba 50 pint dehumidifier a good option. In my opinion, the dehumidification process is impressive.

But to ensure that other customers felt the same way, I have included various Toshiba 50 pint dehumidifier reviews from the customers. Enjoy!

I have placed the Toshiba 50 pint dehumidifier in a 1000 sq. ft. big finished basement. The humidity level here can reach as high as 75% in summer. This is why I was very concerned when I got this. 
However, I put my preferred humidity level (50%) and let the dehumidifier do its magic. The humidity reached my preferred setting within an hour. And since then, the humidity in the basement hasn’t exceeded the limit.

Recently I moved into my new home. This place was built in 1910 and had a stone foundation. The problem arrived when I realized that the gutter was jammed. Because of the faulty gutter, the water was collected in the foundation whenever it rained. This led to the basement smelling earthly all the time.
I decided to remove the foul smell before the gutter could be replaced and installed the Toshiba tddp5013es2 in my basement. The dehumidifier showed that the humidity level was 79% right after the installation. I let it run in the basement for three days, and finally, when I rechecked, the humidity level had gone down to 40%. As the gutter has not been fixed yet, I am letting the dehumidifier running in the basement to maintain humidity.

Timer Control

The Toshiba 50 pint dehumidifier TDDP5013ES2 features a time control option. With the help of this feature, you can set your dehumidifier to turn off or turn on at a specific time. Furthermore, this dehumidifier saves your preference and automatically follows them after turning them on.

Toshiba dehumidifier TDDP5013ES2 with Timer Control

This feature is handy for those folks who do not work at home. Or this feature can also come in handy for aged people who cannot go to their basements to manually turn on and off the dehumidifier.

Another benefit of the time control feature is lowering the monthly energy bill. You can set the dehumidifier to work when needed and save money on the energy bill.

Automatic & Manual Humidity Setup

Fortunately, the Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 comes with both automatic and manual humidity sets. But what is the difference?

An automatic humidity setup means that the dehumidifier on the automatic setting will maintain 50% humidity in the area. On the other hand, if you choose the manual setup route, you can select any humidity level.

!! You can even go below 30% humidity. However, it is not advised.

Continuous Operation & Full Container Warning

The best thing about the Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 is that it features continuous operation. You can connect the drain hose with the drainage system, and the water tank will empty itself. However, the hose is not included, and you would need to buy it separately.

On top of that, if the drain hose is not connected, it shows a full container warning when the water tank fills up. Whether you choose the automatic or manual setup, when the water tank is full, the full container indicator will go off. This way, you can empty the water tank and prevent overflow.

Noiseless Operation

One of my priorities when buying a dehumidifier for home or office use is its noise level. There are a ton of dehumidifiers available that do the job but are loud and sound awful. However, the Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 is not one of those dehumidifiers.

When I started using it, the dehumidifier was so quiet that I thought it was turned off. I specifically placed it in my bedroom and ran it overnight to see if it disturbs my sleep. But to my shock, I did not even notice it.

The decibel level of this dehumidifier is not mentioned on the Toshiba website. But I am sure it is lesser than 50 decibels.

Toshiba 50 Pint Dehumidifier Review

It is time for the actual Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 review.

Installation Process

The installing process of the Toshiba 50 pint dehumidifier is pretty simple. And the instruction manual is available to solve any of the installation issues.

Overall score: Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 earns 4/5 in this category.


The Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 dehumidifier is filled with highly convenient features. First of all, it features continuous drainage, which saves you from manually emptying the water tank.

Toshiba 50 Pint Dehumidifier with continuous drainage

As the name suggests, the Toshiba dehumidifier with a pump features a pump. Hence it can drain water to a distant drainage point quickly. Lastly, automatic features such as an automatic turn on/off make it more convenient than ever.

Overall score: Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 earns 4/5 in this category.


The Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 dehumidifier allows setting the humidity between 35% RH to 85% RH. Moreover, it features a built-in hygrometer that can detect the humidity automatically and change the settings accordingly for better results. Lastly, the Toshiba dehumidifier comfort setting automatically sets the dehumidifier on 55% RH. However, if this humidity level is too high or too low, you can easily change it with one touch.

Overall score: Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 earns 4.5/5 in this category.

Ease of Use

Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 features a user-friendly control panel with a clean interface with all the buttons you need. Cleaning and emptying the dehumidifier is also easy. Lastly, the Toshiba TDDP5013ES2’s filter is easy to access and remove.

Overall score: Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 earns 4/5 in this category.


As the Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 is relatively new, it is difficult to say how long it works. However, after going through many reviews online, I have found out that this dehumidifier is prone to stop working after 2-3 years. Several people also have an issue with the longevity of the built-in pump.

Overall score: Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 earns 3/5 in this category.


Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 is a 50-pint dehumidifier for 4500 sq. ft. and is available for $229. This dehumidifier has all the features that one might need in a dehumidifier. And the price I also reasonable.

Overall score: Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 earns 4.5/5 in this category.


This Toshiba dehumidifier warranty only lasts for a year. This is not useful because customers have reported that the product stops working after two years. In a similar situation, you will not get help from the company.

Overall score: Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 earns 3/5 in this category.

Toshiba Competitors: Midea 50 Pint Dehumidifier

An excellent alternative for the Toshiba dehumidifier is Midea. This brand is also an American brand and has a wide dehumidifier range. The exact alternative for the Toshiba would be the Midea 50 pint dehumidifier. 

Midea 50 Pint Dehumidifier
Midea 50 Pint Dehumidifier

So, let’s pause the Toshiba 50 pint dehumidifier review and take a look at the Midea 50 pint dehumidifier.


  • Quick action
  • Energy efficient
  • Low noise operation
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly control panel

The best thing about the Midea 50 pint dehumidifier is its compact and easy-to-move design. Due to the four-wheel design, you can quickly move around the Midea dehumidifier.

Just like the Toshiba TDDP5013ES2, the Midea 50 pint dehumidifier can also remove up to 50 pints of moisture from the air per day. The dehumidifier has a 1.6-gallon water tank. This Midea dehumidifier does not feature continuous drainage, which can be an issue for some people. However, the automatic stop feature slightly increases the convenience factor.

Another reason why this Midea dehumidifier is worth your money is how cost-effective it is. First of all, this product’s features at such a low price are excellent. Secondly, this dehumidifier works on only 700 watts and is incredibly energy efficient. This makes it perfect for people on a tight budget.

Also, after reading through a ton of customer reviews and using this dehumidifier myself, I can confidently say that the Midea dehumidifier works quickly. It can drop the humidity level even faster than the Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 dehumidifier.


  • Easy assemble it
  • Easy to wash filter
  • 50dB low noise level
  • It uses only 700 watts when operating. Hence it is energy efficient
  • Amazing features for a low price


  • The reservoir is difficult to remove and place back
  • The dehumidifier doesn’t turn on automatically after power failures


With that, we are at the end of the review. Are you still now sure if you should get Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 dehumidifier or not? Well, let me summarize it for you.


  • The Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 dehumidifier is an Energy Star certified dehumidifier, which means it costs lower to run than any other dehumidifier.
  • Like most other high-quality dehumidifiers, the Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 offers quiet operation.
  • It is also easy to set, operate, and clean.
  • And lastly, it is amazing at lowering the humidity.


  • The compressors heat up fast and cause hot air release.
  • The humidity gauge is inaccurate and shows 5% less humidity than the actual humidity level.
  • It can reduce humidity by only up to 41%.
  • This dehumidifier is not durable, and customers complain that it doesn’t last longer than two years.

In conclusion, the Toshiba TDDP5013ES2 is a good dehumidifier for you if you want a quick humidity fix. 


I am Johnson, welcome here. I love RV travel, and RV is more than simply a mode of travel for me, it is a way of life. But terrible humidity and mold destroy my freedom and happiness, so I started to share my own experiences and sources of dehumidifiers to generate even more value. You can find out more about my story here or follow me on Youtube if you wish. If the humidity is also trapped around you, the articles here will have some tips and suggestions and reviews of dehumidifier, hoping to help you and more people.

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