Top 35 Best Garage Dehumidifiers Reviews(A Comprehensive Guide)

how to choose the best garage dehumidifiers

Storing your extra furniture, equipment, and other stuff in the garage is a common thing. Some people also hang their damp clothes in the garage to dry. Meanwhile, we all know at least one time our parents have stored our Christmas gifts in the garage.

BLACK+DECKER Dehumidifier for Garage
BLACK+DECKER Dehumidifier for Garage

This is all fun and game till your garage has high humidity. Before you even realize all of your stuff has been ruined by the high humidity.

If you wish that there were a product that could save you from this situation then you are at the right place. This article is all about how to choose the best garage dehumidifiers?

In case you don’t already know, there are several different types of garage dehumidifiers available in the market. Some garage dehumidifiers are suitable for working at low temperatures, some feature continuous drainage, while others are designed for a specific size of the garage, e.g 1500 sq. ft, 2000 sq. ft., etc.

However, no matter which type of garage dehumidifier you are looking for, we have the best product for you.

Furthermore, this article also contains different benefits of using a garage dehumidifier. You will also be able to read answers to the frequently asked questions about the garage dehumidifiers. Furthermore, you will learn different ways to reduce the humidity level in your garage.

So, without any further ado, let’s start with this garage dehumidifier guide.

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Garage Dehumidifiers At Colder Temperatures

The following are the 5 best garage dehumidifiers that are suitable for working at low temperatures. These dehumidifiers can even operate at freezing temperatures. So, if you are living in a city where the winters are harsh then these dehumidifiers will be perfect for you.

However, the best part about these dehumidifiers is that they are always suitable for working at higher temperatures. Once the winter is over and summer starts, use the same dehumidifier to increase the moisture in your garage.

BrandRemovalNoiseWater Tank Review
ECOR PRO200 pints58 dBwith pump Check
COLAZE30 pintsLow 0.66 gallon Check
Yaufey32.7 pintsLow1.8L Check
Ivation13 pintsLow0.5 gallon Check
Afloia15 pints42 dB0.66 gallon Check

Continuous Draining Dehumidifier for Garage

Constantly emptying the water tank of a garage dehumidifier is hectic and time-consuming. Thus, for people who do not have time to dump the dehumidifier water, the continuous draining dehumidifiers for the garage would be perfect.

The following dehumidifiers come with a drain hose which you can connect with your house draining system and enjoy the automatic dehumidifier draining. However, while using a continuous draining dehumidifier, keep one thing in mind. Always make sure the dehumidifier is higher than the drain hole becuase the continuous drainage dehumidifiers are gravity fed. Although, you can install a pump to better the drainage function.

BrandRemovalNoiseWater Tank Review
Shinco50 pints42 dB4 liter Check
Waykar70 pintsLow1.18 gallon Check
Shinco30 pints42 dB0.33 gallon Check
LONONE29 ouncesLow68 ounces Check
Levoair34 ouncesLow68 ounces Check

Garage Dehumidifier for Below 1000 Square Feet

The following 5 garage dehumidifiers are perfect for small size garages and other indoor spaces.

BrandRemovalNoiseWater Tank Review
Pro Breeze9 ouncesLow16 ounces Check
SEAVON16 ouncesLow35 ounces Check
Gocheer1000 ml40 dB2000 ml Check
REEMKIZZ17 ounces35 dB35 ounces Check
SEAVON26 ounces3570 ounces Check

Garage Dehumidifier for Below 2000 Square Feet

The best garage dehumidifiers for below 2000 sq. ft work great for medium size garages.

BrandRemovalNoiseWater Tank Review
Waykar34 pintsLow0.66 gallon Check
homeLabs22 pintsLow0.8 gallon Check
Shinco40 pintsMedium2 liter Check
Vermi22 pintsLow0.8 gallon Check
Midea20 pints48 dB0.8 Check

Garage Dehumidifier for Below 2500 Square Feet

If you have a slightly bigger garage than average then the best garage dehumidifier for you would be a 2500 sq. ft. one.

BrandRemovalNoiseWater Tank Review
Black+Decker30 pints52 dB6.34 pints Check
Kesnos70 pints40 to 46 dB1.18 gallon Check
Whirlpool40 pintsMedium14.8 pints Check
HOGARLABS50 pintsMedium0.6 gallon Check
Kesnos34 pintsLow0.6 gallon Check

how to choose the best garage dehumidifiers

Top 10 Best Garage Dehumidifier

The market is filled with dehumidifiers that claim to be the best for your garages. But which one is actually worth your money and which is just a scam is difficult to decide for an average buyer.

Therefore, we have made a list of the 10 best garage dehumidifiers for 2022. These dehumidifiers are not only featuring the best qualities but also come with warranties and good customer support.

So, let’s start the review, shall we?

Best Dehumidifier for Cold Garage – EPD200

EPD200 Dehumidifier for Cold Garage

The best dehumidifier for cold garages in our opinion is the EPD200 by ECOR Pro. Furthermore, this dehumidifier is considered suitable for a 3000 sq. ft. room. In terms of efficiency, the ECPD200 dehumidifier by ECOR Pro removes around 200 pints of moisture per day.

This dehumidifier is not only good for garages but crawl spaces, hotels, warehouses, indoor pools, and even commercial refrigerators.

In terms of noise, the EPD200 might not be the quietest dehumidifier in the market. However, it is still less noisy than most of the other options available for garages. The EPD200 has a 58 dB rating and you will not notice the noise of operation unless you are in the garage.

When buying dehumidifiers, emptying the water tank of the dehumidifier is one of the top responsibilities that you sign up for. But what if you did not have to do it, wouldn’t it be amazing? Well, with the EPD200 you can enjoy this convenience. This dehumidifier for the garage has a direct drainage system. Thus it does not require to be emptied manually.

Usually, the dehumidifiers for low temperatures are said to be less energy efficient. But that statement is not true with the EPD200 garage dehumidifier. The energy consumption for the EPD200 dehumidifier for the garage is similar to that of any traditional dehumidifier. The total wattage input is 400 watts.

Lastly, the CFM or cubic feet per meter airflow rating of the EPD200 is 235 CFM. Other than that the EPD200 has a 4-hole patented design. Due to the extra hole, the dehumidifier works faster than most of its competitors.

Why is the EPD200 Dehumidifier good for a garage?

Firstly, the EPD200 dehumidifier can work in a garage that below freezing temperatures. The working temperature range of the EPD200 is -4 to 104 degrees F (or -20 to 40 degrees C). This wide temperature range allows you to use this dehumidifier in every season.

Secondly, the EPD200 dehumidifier is convenient and self-regulating, how? Well, this dehumidifier automatically empties itself when full, detects the humidity level and adjusts the settings for a better experience.

Lastly, the EPD200 is a stainless steel dehumidifier. And this construction makes it perfect for garage near the sea or areas with high humidity. No matter how high the humidity is, the dehumidifier exterior will not corrode.

Best Dehumidifier for Garage with Hose – The COLAZE 30 pints dehumidifier 

The COLAZE 30 pints dehumidifier for garage with hose

The next dehumidifier on the list is the amazing COLAZE dehumidifier. This dehumidifier is perfect for 2000 sq ft. garages and has a 30-pint working efficiency. In other words, this dehumidifier can absorb 30 pints of moisture from the air in one day.

Sounds great, right?

Now let’s look at the water tank capacity of this dehumidifier for the garage. In terms of size, the COLAZE 2000 sq. ft. 30 pints dehumidifier can hold 0.66 gallons or 2.5 liters of water.

Considering that the working capacity of the COLAZE dehumidifier is 30 pint or 17 liters, it means you would need to empty this dehumidifier 7 times every day.

That doesn’t sound convenient at all, right?

Well, this is where the hose and drainage feature comes into play. To start with, The COLAZE 30 pints dehumidifier has an anti-overflow feature. It simply means that when the dehumidifier water tank is full, the dehumidifier will start beeping for 20 sec so that you can empty it manually. But even if you are not around and cannot empty it then the dehumidifier will stop working automatically.

Fortunately, that is not it. The COLAZE 30 pints dehumidifier features a hose that can connect to direct drainage for your garage, and then you would not need to manually empty the water tank at all. The dehumidifier will be constantly draining all day.

The noise level or decibel rating of the COLAZE 30 dehumidifier is not available on the internet or the Colaze site. However, after reading tons of customer reviews and testing the COLAZE 30 pints dehumidifier ourselves,

we have concluded that this dehumidifier is one of the quietest garage dehumidifiers in the market. It doesn’t make any more noise than an old fridge.

Why is The COLAZE dehumidifier good for a garage?

Let’s start with the obvious. Firstly, we added the COLAZE 30 pints dehumidifier on the list for best garage dehumidifiers is the continuous drainage option. In other words, you can connect the hose (included) to drainage and free yourself from emptying the water tank every few hours.

Next up is the convenience factor. The COLAZE 30 pints dehumidifier is small, lightweight, and features castor wheels which makes this dehumidifier easy to move. Once the humidity in the garage is under control, you can easily move it in your living room to work there.

Thirdly, the COLAZE 30 pints dehumidifier features 4 different modes; normal, continuous, ventilated, and dry clothes. In other words, with the COLAZE 30 pints dehumidifier you can now dry your delicate clothes in the garage.

Lastly, the COLAZE 30 pints dehumidifier runs on 150W. The low input wattage makes this dehumidifier energy efficient already. But as if that was not enough, you can pre-set the delay on and off the timing to prevent energy loss.

Best ENERGY-SAVING Garage Dehumidifier – Shinco 3000 sq. ft Dehumidifier

Shinco 3000 sq. ft energy-saving garage dehumidifier

Now if you are looking for an energy-saving garage dehumidifier then there is nothing better than the Shinco 3000 dehumidifier.

The sole reason behind this recommendation is that the Shinco 3000 is an Energy-Star certified dehumidifier. This certification means that the Shinco dehumidifier costs 30% less to run than a traditional dehumidifier of the same size garage.

That is not it. The Shinco 3000 dehumidifier has a working efficiency of 50 pints per day. And it can easily adjust the humidity from 80% to 30%, just pick your preference. Not only is this dehumidifier suitable for garages, but you can also use it in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other indoor spaces.

Wait, did we say bedroom? But aren’t dehumidifiers loud?

Well, some dehumidifiers are loud but the Shinco 3000 dehumidifier surely is not one of them. This dehumidifier has a 42 dB noise rating and is among the quietest dehumidifiers you can find in the market. The device is so quiet that you will not even notice when it is working for garage in the background.

One of the best features of the Shinco 3000 dehumidifier is that it offers automatic shut-off. As the water tank is only 4L, it means you would need to empty it 6 times a day. However, if you are unable to empty it the dehumidifier will shut off automatically and will not overflow.

But what if you do not want to empty the water tank manually?

Well, in that case, you can use the continuous drainage option. Connect the Shinco dehumidifier hose to the drainage system of garage and enjoy your free time. Lastly, the Shinco 3000 dehumidifier has a 230 Cubic m/hr or 135 CFM rating.

Why is the Shinco 3000 sq. ft. dehumidifier good for a garage?

As we have stated earlier, the Shinco 3000 dehumidifier is good for your garage because it is energy efficient, but is that reason big enough?

Well, if it isn’t then let us show you more reasons to buy the Shinco 3000 dehumidifier.

Firstly, the Shinco 3000 dehumidifier is convenient because it offers continuous drainage. Secondly, the automatic defrost makes the Shinco 3000 dehumidifier suitable for low temperatures garage. Lastly, the Shinco 300 dehumidifier features a screen that shows the humidity level and other settings.

Best Heavy-Duty Dehumidifier for Garage – Waykar 4500 sq. ft. dehumidifier

Waykar 4500 sq. ft. heavy duty dehumidifier for garage

Are you looking for a heavy-duty dehumidifier for your garage? If yes then this next dehumidifier is going to be your favorite. The Waykar 4500 dehumidifier is the perfect option for people looking for a heavy-duty dehumidifier. This device is not only recommended for garages, but also home basements, crawl spaces, and even bedrooms.

On top of that, the working capacity of the Waykar 4500 dehumidifier is significantly higher than most of the other dehumidifiers on this list. This 4500dehumidifier can remove 9 gallons or around 87 pints of water every day.

So, how big is the water tank on this huge dehumidifier? Well, not big enough. The Waykar 4500 dehumidifier water tank has a 1.18-gallon capacity which means that if you are using this dehumidifier on high settings for your large garage then you would need to empty the tank 7-8 times a day. However, that might not even be a problem.


Because the Waykar 4500 dehumidifier features a continuous drainage option. Just connect the hose with the drain and you are good to go.

The noise level or decibel rating of the Waykar 4500 dehumidifier is not available online. Although, a ton of customers have claimed it to be quiet and comfortable to be around. This quiet operation makes this dehumidifier not only perfect for garage but also good for indoor usage.

The Waykar 4500 dehumidifier can be programmed to turn on/off and you can also save your humidity preferences in the device. These features help the dehumidifier to save energy and use less electricity than traditional dehumidifiers. Lastly, the Waykar 4500 dehumidifier is rated as a 112 CFM system.

Why is the Waykar 4500 sq. ft. dehumidifier good for a garage?

You already know that the Waykar 4500 is a heavy-duty dehumidifier. And hence perfect for huge garages. However, what made this dehumidifier one of our favorites is that it is child-safe. Due to the anti-overflow, anti-overheating, and child-lock features, this dehumidifier is safe to use around kids.

Best Small Garage Dehumidifier – Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze electric small garage dehumidifier

The next product on our garage dehumidifier list is the Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier. The best thing about this dehumidifier is that it is lightweight, portable. And hence perfect for small garages. It is suitable for 215 sq. ft. size of garages.

But the small body of the Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier is not the only reason why it has got a spot on our list.

Firstly, the Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier is ultra-quiet. The manufacturers claim that this dehumidifier makes no noise and the customers have agreed to that. This is what makes this dehumidifier best for indoor usage. So, if you want to use it in your living room or your bedroom at night, you can.

In terms of working efficiency, the Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier can remove 9 ounces of moisture per day. Now, this removal efficiency is lower than that of a heavy-duty dehumidifier.

Therefore, we recommend this dehumidifier only if the humidity level in your garage is slightly higher than normal.

One great thing about the Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier is that it has a 16-ounce water tank. This means that, unlike other dehumidifiers, you would only need to empty the water tank once every 2 days.

Isn’t it amazing?

Another great feature about the Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier is that it is energy efficient. As it is only a small dehumidifier the electricity consumption is also lower than that of a traditional dehumidifier. It takes only 23W per hour to run. And the daily (24 hours) electricity consumption is 0.55kW.

The Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier has a 7 CFM airflow capacity which is perfect for small garages.

Why is the Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier good for a garage?

We already know that the small size of the Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier makes it perfect for small garages, but why else should you buy it?

Firstly, the Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier is extremely quiet and has a 33 dB rating. This means you can easily use it in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Secondly, just like most of the other high-end dehumidifiers, the Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier also features auto-shutoff and prevents overflow. Lastly, the Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier has an LED indicator that blinks when the dehumidifier water tank needs to be emptied.

Portable Small Dehumidifiers for Bedroom: SIMSEN 95oz Dehumidifiers

The SIMSEN 95oz Dehumidifiers is a powerful and efficient device that helps to maintain the optimal humidity level in your home, office, or other living spaces. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, this dehumidifier is a great investment for anyone looking to improve indoor air quality and reduce moisture-related issues.

One of the standout features of the SIMSEN 95oz Dehumidifiers is its large water tank capacity of 95oz, which allows it to remove up to 23 pints of moisture per day. This makes it an excellent choice for larger living spaces, such as basements or living rooms, where excess humidity can lead to musty odors, mold growth, and other moisture-related problems.

Another great feature of this dehumidifier is its compact and portable design, which makes it easy to move from room to room as needed. It also includes convenient features like a built-in handle and caster wheels, making it a breeze to move around.

In terms of operation, the SIMSEN 95oz Dehumidifiers is both quiet and energy-efficient, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to reduce their energy bills while maintaining a comfortable living environment. It also includes a number of useful features, such as an automatic shut-off function when the water tank is full and a washable air filter, which helps to reduce maintenance requirements and extend the life of the unit.

Now, let’s talk about why the SIMSEN 95oz Dehumidifiers is a great choice for a garage. Garages are often prone to excess moisture due to their lack of insulation and ventilation, which can lead to rust, mold growth, and other problems. The SIMSEN 95oz Dehumidifiers is a great solution for this issue as it can help to reduce the humidity level in the garage, preventing these problems from occurring.

Additionally, the dehumidifier’s portable design makes it easy to move around the garage, allowing you to direct the airflow to where it is needed most. This is especially useful for larger garages where moisture tends to accumulate in certain areas.

SIMSEN 95oz Dehumidifiers

In conclusion, the SIMSEN 95oz Dehumidifiers is a powerful and efficient device that is well-suited for a variety of indoor spaces. With its large water tank capacity, energy-efficient operation, and user-friendly design, this dehumidifier is a great investment for anyone looking to improve indoor air quality and reduce moisture-related problems. And for those looking for a dehumidifier for their garage, the SIMSEN 95oz Dehumidifiers’ portability, efficiency, and ease of use make it an excellent choice.

Best Budget Dehumidifier for Garage – SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier

SEAVON 35 oz budget dehumidifier for garage

Do you want to get a dehumidifier for your garage but do not have enough bucks in your pocket? Well, don’t worry, we have the right product for you.

The SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier is a perfect solution for people who are on a tight budget. The reason behind this claim is simple, you can get the SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier for only $49.99.

Isn’t that an amazing deal?

However, the low price of the SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier is not the only reason why we put this product on our garage dehumidifier list.

To start with, this dehumidifier is designed for 280 sq. ft. spaces and that makes it perfect for small garages. The fact that the SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier is small in size and portable makes it even more suitable for a small garage or house.

As the name suggests, the SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier features a 35 oz water tank. Furthermore, this dehumidifier can keep the humidity below 45%. But the water tank size is not a clear indicator of the working efficiency of this dehumidifier.

According to SEAVON, the SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier can absorb up to 16 oz of water daily for garage in a very humid environment. This means you would not need to worry about emptying the water tank for 2 days. Moreover, the dehumidifier features an auto-shut-off feature. So, whenever the water tank gets full the dehumidifier will turn off the operation to prevent the water from flowing out.

In terms of noise level, the SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier is as quiet as it can get. This dehumidifier has two modes and the ultra-quiet mode is perfect for indoor and garage usage. The said mode has a 30 dB rating. In other words, you will not even hear when this dehumidifier is working.

In addition, here is a comprehensive review: Seavon Dehumidifier Review: Seavon SN180 Dehumidifier Real Testing

Why is the SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier good for a garage?

The low price of the SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier makes it a good candidate for anyone who is on a tight budget. But other than that, the low noise level and portability also make this dehumidifier good for your garage.

Furthermore, as the SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier is small in size it offers energy-saving quality. This dehumidifier can work on 1kW per day and will cost you far less than any traditional dehumidifier.

Lastly, As the water tank of the SEAVON 35 oz dehumidifier is visible, you can easily see when the tank is full and prevent it from overflowing.

Best Easy to Use Garage Dehumidifier – Waykar 2000 sq. ft. Dehumidifier 

Waykar 2000 sq. ft. easy-to-use garage dehumidifier

If the name Waykar rings a bell in your brain it is because this is the second product from the same brand on this list. It’s not our fault, Waykar dehumidifiers are good.

But unlike the last product from Waykar, this one is perfect for people in need of an easy-to-use garage dehumidifier.

How and why is it easy to use?

Well, the Waykar 2000 dehumidifier features intelligent control. What does that mean? It means that you can set your preferred humidity level on the dehumidifier and then the device will keep adjusting the humidity for you. Not only that, when the humidity in the garage is perfect the dehumidifier will shut down. And once the Waykar 2000 dehumidifier detects a rise in the humidity it will turn on automatically and will start working. Furthermore, just like most of the other dehumidifiers on this list the Waykar 2000 dehumidifier shuts off automatically once the water tank is full. Lastly, the Waykar dehumidifier features an alarm that turns off when the water tank is full.

All of the features mentioned above make this dehumidifier easy to use and convenient to operate.

The decibel rating for the Waykar 2000 sq. ft. dehumidifier is unavailable. However, we can confidently say that this dehumidifier makes less noise than a floor fan. You can run it in your bedroom at night and would not even notice a thing.

Lastly, the Waykar 2000 dehumidifier is rated as 112 CFM.

Why is the Waykar 2000 sq. ft. dehumidifier good for a garage?

The first reason why the Waykar 2000 dehumidifier is good for your garage is that it is easy to use and does not require supervision. You can set your preferences in the dehumidifier and the device will adjust the humidity accordingly. On top of that, the Waykar 2000 dehumidifier has a modern look and will look in your house.

Lastly, the Waykar 2000 dehumidifier features continuous drainage. You can connect the hose (included) of this dehumidifier directly to the garage drainage and forget about emptying the tank.

Best Garage Dehumidifier with Pump – HomeLabs 3000 sq. ft. dehumidifier

HomeLabs 3000 sq. ft. dehumidifier with pump

Are you tired of gravity-fed dehumidifiers which need to be set above the drainage to work for garage correctly? If your answer is yes then this next product is going to blow your mind.

The homelands 3000 is a dehumidifier that comes with a built-in pump. Now this means that you can set it even below the garage drainage system and the dehumidifier will drain perfectly.

But the built-in pump is only one of homeLabs 3000 dehumidifier’s many amazing features.

As the name suggests, the homeLabs 3000 dehumidifier is suitable for a 1500 to 3000 garage. But you can also use it in crawl spaces or any other room in your house. This dehumidifier removes 50 pints of moisture per day. This high level of efficiency makes this dehumidifier perfect for garages with extremely high humidity.

The homeLabs 3000 dehumidifier water tank capacity is 1.6 gallons. This small size of the water tank suggests that you would need to empty the water tank multiple times a day. But as we have already said, the homeLabs 3000 dehumidifier features continuous drainage for your garage you would not have to empty the water tank manually.

HomeLabs do not specify the decibel rating or the noise level of the homeLabs 3000 dehumidifier. However, the brand claims that this dehumidifier features quite an operation. Furthermore, the homeLabs 3000 sq. ft. dehumidifier is rated as 165 CFM. But on the maximum setting, the CFM is 188.

One thing that we loved about the homeLabs 3000 dehumidifier is that this dehumidifier is Energy Star Certified. In other words, this dehumidifier does not use a ton of electricity and will cost you less than a traditional dehumidifier.

Why is the homeLabs 3000 dehumidifier good for a garage?

First thing first, the homeLabs 3000 dehumidifier is good for your garage becuase it features a pump. This pump changes the continuous drainage process and makes emptying the dehumidifier easier for you.

You can check this article to know Why Do You Need a Dehumidifier With Pump?

Other than that, the homeLabs 3000 dehumidifier is easy to move around. Due to the caster wheels at the bottom of the device, you can move it anywhere you want without straining your wrist.

Lastly, this dehumidifier is a good sight for sore eyes. The stylish looks help the homeLabs 3000 dehumidifier match with every interior style.

Best Dehumidifier for Garage Workshop – Black + Decker 3000 sq. ft. Dehumidifier 

Black + Decker 3000 sq. ft. dehumidifier for workshop

If you haven’t heard the name of Black + Decker before then it only means one thing, that you are living under a rock.

Black + Decker is one of the most famous power tool brands in the market. But they also make dehumidifiers. And the Black + Decker 3000 dehumidifier is perfect for garage workshops.

The first reason behind our statement is that, as the name suggests, the Black + Decker 3000 dehumidifier is suitable for 3000 garages. And as garage workshops tend to be slightly bigger, this dehumidifier would be perfect for the job.

Secondly, the Black + Decker 3000 dehumidifier is Energy Star certified. Workshops already tend to use so much electricity due to the power tools and other electric appliances. So, this dehumidifier will help you keep the energy bill cost low.

Furthermore, the Black + Decker 3000 dehumidifier can remove 30 pints of moisture from the air daily. This high capacity makes sit perfect for garages with high humidity. The water tank is a bit smaller than our liking (3 L). And this indicates that you would need to remove the water multiple times a day.

However, just like any other high-quality garage dehumidifier, the Black + Decker 3000 dehumidifier also features continuous drainage. No matter if you are in the workshop or not, the dehumidifier will drain the water on its own. But just to be safe, Black + Decker has added the anti-overflow/ auto shut off feature in this dehumidifier. In other words, once the water tank is full, the dehumidifier turns off to prevent overflowing.

In terms of noise, the Black + Decker 3000 dehumidifier is rated as 52 decibels. This rating is not higher than a ceiling fan or old fridge. However, the noise level still makes the Black + Decker 3000 dehumidifier unsuitable for indoor usage.

Why is the Black + Decker 3000 sq. ft. dehumidifier good for a garage workshop?

As we have stated already, the Black + Decker 3000 dehumidifier is good for any garage or garage workshop becuase it is energy efficient (Energy Star certified). But other than that there are many other reasons why you should buy it.

For example, this dehumidifier is smart and features auto shut off and auto restart. The Black + Decker 3000 dehumidifier prevents overflowing and it is also relatively quieter than traditional dehumidifiers.

Best Dehumidifier for Garage Gym – Kesnon 70 Pint Dehumidifier 

Kesnon 70 pint dehumidifier for garage gym

Finally, we are at the last product on the garage dehumidifier list. And this dehumidifier is for those who love to work out and have made their garage a personal gym.

The Kesnon 70 Pint dehumidifier is perfect for a garage gym, crawl space, basement, or any other indoor space. This dehumidifier is designed for 4500 sq. ft. space. So, no matter how huge your garage is, this dehumidifier will do the job perfectly.

As the name suggests, the Kesnon 70 Pint dehumidifier can remove 70 pints of moisture from the air every day. And it has a 1.18-gallon water tank. This small size of tank specifies that you would need to empty the Kesnon 70 Pint dehumidifier multiple times a day. But the continuous drainage feature is here to rescue you. Just connect the hose with the drainage system and the Kesnon 70 Pint dehumidifier will empty the tank automatically.

Furthermore, the Kesnon 70 Pint dehumidifier features intelligent touch control. You can set your humidity preferences in the dehumidifier and it will operate accordingly. The dehumidifier will detect the humidity level in the garage grm and will remove the moisture till the level reaches your preference.

The Kesnon 70 Pint dehumidifier is less noisy than most of the other traditional dehumidifiers. This dehumidifier is rated with a 46 to 40 dB noise level and it does not sound any louder than a ceiling fan.

Furthermore, the Kesnon 70 Pint dehumidifier is also Energy Star certified. Hence you will not have to worry about your energy bills while using this dehumidifier. Lastly, the Kesnon 70 Pint dehumidifier is rated as 112 CFM.

Why is the Kesnon 70 Pint dehumidifier good for a garage gym?

As you already know, the Kesnon 70 Pint dehumidifier is good for garage or garage gym becuase it is energy efficient, easy to use, and convenient. Not only that, but this dehumidifier also offers quite an operation. Hence you will not be disturbed during your workout sessions.

Garage Dehumidifier Buying Guide

Before you buy a dehumidifier wouldn’t it be better to understand which humidity level is good for your garage?

Well, according to statistics, 45% to 50% humidity is considered ideal for a garage or home in general. If you have humidity higher than this level then it is recommended to buy a dehumidifier.

The reason why a 45% to 50% humidity level is recommended is that if the humidity gets higher than that then the metals start to get rusty. Higher humidity also causes trouble in breathing and many other problems.

But what if the humidity level is lower than 45%? Well, in that case, you might need to look into humidifiers for your garage.

You might be wondering what you should look for in a garage dehumidifier before buying. Well, we have got the answer to your question. Following are a few of the features that you should look for when buying a dehumidifier for garage. All of these features are not necessary to have, so take everything with a grain of salt.

Can a dehumidifier work in cold temperature?

If you are living in an area that gets extreme winters then it is necessary to get a dehumidifier that is capable of working at low temperatures.

There is are a huge number of garage dehumidifiers that are designed to work at temperatures as low as 30 degrees F.

Most of the time, the dehumidifier coils get frost. Situations like this are detrimental to the dehumidifier operation. However, a dehumidifier with an automatic defrost feature will get rid of the frost to maintain the efficiency of the dehumidifier. This is where the defrost features come into play.

These dehumidifiers are not only suitable for garages but you can also use them in crawl spaces and basements.

Dehumidifier with a drain hose

When it comes to garage dehumidifiers, everyone’s needs are different so there is no one right option. And drainage is one of those factors that you should choose according to your needs.

For example, if you are planning on using your dehumidifier for large garage continuously then a device with a small water tank might not suit you. You can get a dehumidifier with a bigger tank. But if the dehumidifier’s working capacity is higher then you may find a dehumidifier with a larger tank difficult to work with as well.

In situations like this, a dehumidifier with a direct drainage system can help you. The dehumidifiers with direct drainage come with different options. Some come with built-in pumps while others require you to buy the condenser pump and hose separately.

The advantage of pump drainage is that it allows you to empty the dehumidifier without the need to elevate the device physically in your garage.

Dehumidifier Water Tank Size

We already discussed briefly the water tank size above. But why does the size of the dehumidifier water tank matter so much and which one should you choose?

Well, let’s say you got a dehumidifier with a 30-pint working capacity. But the water tank can only hold 10 pints of water. This means that every day you would need to empty the dehumidifier 3 times manually.

Now on the other hand if you get a dehumidifier with a 30-pint working capacity and it features a 30 pin water tank then it would require to be emptied only once every day.

Dehumidifier with Auto Restart Option

Dehumidifier with auto-restart function is a function that is best for garage that face power cut issues. A dehumidifier with an auto-restart option automatically turns on the dehumidifier after the power is back on at its previous settings. So that you do not have to do the settings again.

Dehumidifier Noise Level

If you are thinking that the noise level is not the main factor when getting a dehumidifier for the garage then you might be wrong. Dehumidifiers in general are noisier than other home appliances. And even though you might not be in the garage all day, the noise level can still make you uncomfortable. Therefore, you should always check the noise level of a dehumidifier before putting it in the cart.

When it comes to other home appliances, 50 decibels is not considered quite. But in terms of dehumidifiers, 50 decibels is a lot quieter than the majority of the dehumidifiers on the market.

Why Do Need a Dehumidifier for your Garages?

Dehumidifiers are considered the best way to deal with excess humidity in garages. And you might have heard from many professionals to get one. But do you know the actual benefits of having a dehumidifier in a garage? Or in other words, are you aware of the problems that you might face if you do not have the right humidity in your garage?

Let’s find out. 


Garages with a high level of humidity (65% or above humidity) are ideal for mold. In environments like this mold flourishes and grows. This mold can then cause respiratory issues and deadly diseases. Therefore, as a dehumidifier lowers the level of humidity in its surrounding, it decreases and ceases the growth of mold. Hence it can save you from potential illness.

Signs of Corrosion & Rust

The majority of people use their garage as a storage unit. This means that you will be putting your furniture, electronic devices, and other equipment in the garage. However, these products are extremely sensitive to moisture.

High humidity not only causes these products to rust and rot but also makes them unusable. But a dehumidifier can save you from this loss. Just put your dehumidifier in your garage and then no matter how high the humidity level in your area is, your stuff would stay dry.

Allergy Triggers

Are you prone to allergic reactions? Well, in that case, you are in a dire need of a dehumidifier for your garage.

Why? Well, researchers have shown that high humidity (50% humidity) can increase the growth of dust mites, cockroaches, and other insects. And these insects are notorious for causing the allergy. Having a dehumidifier reduces the chances of having insect growth in your garage and saves you from the trouble of getting an allergy. 

Musty & Rotting Smell

Garages are not considered the luxurious part of the house. But this doesn’t mean that you stop keeping it clean right? Well, if your answer is yes then a dehumidifier can help you enhance the environment in your garage even more.

A high humidity level can cause your garage to smell musty and rotting. But with a dehumidifier at your side, you can easily neutralize that smell and keep your garage fresh.

Food Tends to Spoil

Just like furniture and other electronic equipment, food also tends to spoil in a high humidity environment. This can be a problem for those people who keep extra food in their garage or use a garage as a pantry. The problem is massive but it can be solved by putting a dehumidifier in the garage to maintain the humidity level.

Peeling or Cracking Paint

Last but not least on the list of issues that high humidity can cause is cracking paint. Have you ever stepped into your garage and realized that the paint is chipping off? And no matter how many times to repaint it the same thing happens again and again?

Well, the chipping of garage paint can be caused by many potential factors. But one of the main causes is high humidity. To prevent the paint from cracking and peeling.

3 Garage Dehumidifier Experiences

Iam sharing some experiences with dehumidifiers. Maybe they will inspire you to use your dehumidifier in a new and unique way.

Example #1: Dehumidifier for my renovating garage

I was renovating my garage so that my sister could use it as a workspace. But, I had very little time to finish the job and did not know how I was going to finish it. The biggest problem was that the wall paint was not drying out as fast as I wanted it to.

So, I did what any sound-minded person would do, I opened the windows. To my surprise that did little to nothing. The wall paint was still wet and I had no way to dry it out.

Then after watching a youtube video I got the idea of using a dehumidifier for my garage. I already had one at home so I used that one.

I placed the dehumidifier in the garage and turned it on. In less than a few hours the paint dried fully. This gave me the chance to put multiple coats of paint in one day and finish the project in time.

Example #2: Dehumidifier in the garage to prevent corrosion

When I moved out of my house to go to college my parents put all of my stuff in the garage becuase they wanted to use my old room. Now I was okay with it. They can use my old room because it is their own house. However, the problem started when all of my stuff in the garage started to get ruined because of the high humidity.

When I went back home this Christmas I saw the state of the garage and said that was it. One of my friends who went through the same problem had told me that he put a dehumidifier in the garage to prevent corrosion. I did the same thing.

All of the stuff that had already corroded did not revive. However, the dehumidifier prevented the rest of the stuff from getting rust.

Example #3: Dehumidifier change my life

I have asthma and becuase of that high humidity makes it difficult for me to breathe. Before getting a dehumidifier I used to open up the windows and turn on every fan in the house to reduce the humidity. I am not going to lie, the trick worked. However, I read online that using a dehumidifier is a much cheaper way to reduce humidity.

So, I tried it.

I saw the result in a few hours. Before that, it took hours and multiple fans to get the humidity down. But after getting the dehumidifier the work started to get done within an hour. If you also find it difficult to breathe when the humidity is high then I recommend you to get a dehumidifier yourself. It is life-changing.

Other Ways to Reduce Humidity in the Garage?

Having high humidity indoors is one of the worst feelings ever. On top of that if it is the summertime then it can easily make you feel miserable. You already know all of the reasons you should get a dehumidifier. But what if for some reason you cannot?

Well, the following are several tips and tricks that you can use to get rid of the high humidity in your garage.

Furthermore, even if you have a dehumidifier you can still use these tips to better the indoor atmosphere. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Proper Sealing to the Garage

Proper sealing means sealing the garage to prevent the outdoor humidity to come indoors. To properly seal the garage you would need to close all of the windows and doors. In addition to that, you should also close the door to the basement and the garage as well.

Remove the Source of Humidity for Garage

Humidity does not always come from the outside. Sometimes, the culprit of the indoor humidity is present inside the garage.

So, look closely for the sources of humidity. If you see the wall pipe leaking or standing water then get rid of that. As much as the floor and walls would be dry, as low the humidity level would be.

Use an Air Conditioner for Garage

Do you have an air conditioner in your garage? Or does the central cooling vent open in your garage? If your answer is yes then use that air conditioner.

The reason why we are recommending this is that air conditioners naturally help reduce the humidity by replacing the warm humid air with the cold dry air.

Use Exhaust Fan & Ventilation Fans

Only a few people have air conditioners in their garage. However, seeing a ventilation fan or exhaust fan in the garage is normal. So, if you have an exhaust fan in your garage then use it.

An exhaust or ventilation fan is one of the easiest ways to get rid of indoor humidity. It sucks the humid air out of the garage within a few minutes. Therefore, keeping the exhaust fan on for longer means that the humidity level would be balanced.

Open Garage Window

Wait, did we say open a window? But wasn’t the first tip to seal the windows and door?

Well, yes, but here’s the catch.

If the outdoor humidity is higher then it is recommended to close the doors and windows to keep the moisture out of the garage. However, sometimes the source of humidity is not the climate but it is hidden in the garage itself.

For example, if the source of high humidity in your garage is a leaking pipe or standing water then it is best to open the windows and let the air circulate for a while. And once you are done with exterminating the source of the humidity, you can seal the garage again.

How to Use a Garage Dehumidifier Correctly?

Many people get a dehumidifier for their garage and start running it without understanding the process. Once they do not get good results they start to freak out. To save you from all of that hassle of talking to customer service, we have created a short guide for you.

Following are a few steps that will help you use your garage dehumidifier correctly.

Set the Humidity Level

The first step to set up your humidifier is to set the preferred humidity level. According to Energy Star, the best humidity level is 30% to 50%. So, set your humidity between this range for your garage. However, if you are living in a cold area during summertime then do not choose below 40% humidity level.

Place the Dehumidfer at the Right Spot

Picking the right spot for your dehumidifier is crucial. Because if the dehumidifier does not get enough airflow then it will not be able to do its job properly. Most of the dehumidifiers have air vents on the top so that means you can put the dehumidifier almost anywhere in the garage. However, some dehumidifiers for the garage have vents on the side profile. If you have a similar dehumidifier then make sure you do not put it too close to the wall. Or else the dehumidifier will not be able to work properly.

Empty the Dehumidifier Tank Regularly

Even though we recommend getting a dehumidifier with continuous drainage for you garage, not everyone has the budget for it. So, if you have a dehumidifier that requires you to empty the water tank manually, then empty it regularly. Because most of these dehumidifiers have a feature that when the water tank is full the dehumidifier shuts down itself. The power switch might be on but the device will not be working because the water tank is full.

Clean Dehumidifier Regularly

Last but not the least, clean your dehumidifier regularly. Dehumidifiers for the garage have filters attached to them near the vent. Subsequently, after operating for a few days these filters get dirty. If you do not clean them then it can slow down the dehumidification process.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What are the different types of garage dehumidifiers?

When it comes to dehumidifiers in general, there are three different types of products available in the market.

  • Refrigerant Dehumidifier
  • Desiccant Dehumidifier
  • Whole House Dehumidifier

Out of these three, the Whole House Dehumidifier is recommended the least for garages. Because as the name suggests, this dehumidifier is not specifically for one area but for the whole house.

Desiccant and Refrigerant dehumidifiers are quite similar in their work. The Desiccant Dehumidifier absorbs the moisture out of the air by using silica gel packets. Meanwhile, the Refrigerant Dehumidifier uses cool coils that change the moisture in the air into a liquid, and then you can remove that water from the device.

Q2. Which areas of the garage need a dehumidifier?

Generally, you should place the garage dehumidifier in the area of the garage where you feel the humid air. You can also place it in the middle of the room or you can keep changing the placement of the dehumidifier if your garage is wide.

Q3. How much water is in your garage?

You are planning on getting a dehumidifier because you feel the air is humid. But how much moisture is actually in your garage?

There is three humidity level when it comes to air.

  • Moderately Damp: The garage feels musty and damp only when the weather is humid.
  • Very Damp: The garage has floor or wall sweat or pipe leakage. The air in the room often feels humid or smells wet.
  • Humid: The room always smells musty and you can see wet spots on walls and floor.
  • Extremely Humid: High load conditions such as drying laundry on the garage floor.

Q4. Which size of dehumidifier should you get for garage?

Now you know what is considered damp and what is considered extremely damp. But, that information is not enough to find out the size of the garage dehumidifier that you need for your garage.

Following is a chart that would help you to find out the perfect size of garage dehumidifier that you need. So, are you ready?

Table Corresponding to Garage Size and Dehumidifier

Dampness Level500 sq. ft.1000 sq. ft.1500 sq. ft.2000 sq. ft.2500 sq. ft.
Moderately Damp10 pt.14 pt.18 pt.22 pt.26 pt.
Very Damp12 pt.17 pt.22 pt.27 pt.32 pt.
Humid14 pt.20 pt.26 pt.32 pt/.38 pt.
Extremely Humid16 pt.23 pt.30 pt.37 pt.44 pt.

Q5. Should you get a desiccant or compressor dehumidifier for garage?

Both of these dehumidifiers are good in their ways and are suitable for garages. However, they are slightly different in their operation. And due to their mechanical differences, these dehumidifiers might not be a perfect fit for everyone.

However, if you are wondering whether to get a Desiccant Dehumidifier or Compressor Dehumidifier then we have got the answer.

A desiccant Dehumidifier is better for lower temperatures, so it will be good for you if you live in a cold area. Meanwhile, the Compressor Dehumidifier is the opposite. Hence, a Compressor Dehumidifier is more suitable for higher temperatures.

Q6. Should a dehumidifier run constantly for garage?

You got a dehumidifier for your garage but you are not sure when to run it, right? Well, most people who use a dehumidifier for their garages wonder if they should run it for 24 hours or not.

Well, it is not necessary to run the dehumidifier in your garage for 24 hours. All you need to do is check the humidity level in your garage and use your dehumidifier accordingly.

If the humidity level in your garage is higher than 50% then run the dehumidifier and when it gets lower than 50% you can stop it.

Therefore, some people love smart dehumidifiers. You can set your humidity level preferences in a smart dehumidifier and it will maintain that level without the need to check it constantly.

Q7. Can a dehumidifier dry drywall in garage quickly?

Are you planning on installing new drywall in your garage or your house? Well, drywalls take days to dry and it can delay the construction and cost you more labor. But a dehumidifier can help you out. However, if you want to quickly dry the drywall then instead of getting a home size dehumidifier, rent an industrial size dehumidifier. Because a home size dehumidifier is not as good at drying drywalls as an industrial one.

Q8. What is the most reliable brand of dehumidifiers for garages?

When it comes to dehumidifiers for garages the market is filled with products. However, not all of these dehumidifiers are worth your money. So, which one should you get?

The first tip is to get a dehumidifier from a reliable brand. According to customers, Frigidaire, LG, and Waykar are some of the best brands to invest in. But these brands can be quite expensive, so set your budget first.

Q9. Will a dehumidifier cool down a garage?

Somewhere in that article, we said that Air Conditioners reduce the humidity level. Hence can work as a DIY dehumidifier. But can you use a dehumidifier to achieve the opposite effect? In other words, can you use a dehumidifier to cool down your garage?

Well, dehumidifiers can only reduce the humidity level of the garage and not low the temperature. But by reducing the humidity in the air, the dehumidifier gives the effect of coolness and you may also feel 5 to 10 degrees cooler.


With that, we are at the end of our article. In this article, we have mentioned more than 30 dehumidifiers for garage. All of these products are one of the best in the market and worth your money.

However, just because a product is good doesn’t mean that you should buy it. So, before adding any garage dehumidifier in your cart make a list of the feature that you prioritize in the device. For example, is it a continuous drainage feature that you desire or do you want a dehumidifier that looks good from the outside?

Once you are done with the list of features you want in your garage dehumidifier, check our best garage dehumidifier list. And then select the dehumidifier that matches your list the most.

To read more guides like this one, check out our blog page.

Till then, peace out!

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