Best Dehumidifier for Cold Weather [Solution for RV, Car, Garage and Basement]

Best Dehumidifier for Cold Weather

Condensation problems during winter affect RVs, cars, and garages due to their exposure to moisture. This provides a breeding ground for mold growth and mildew, which makes it important to know how to dehumidify a car during winter.

As the colder months approach and the rain and snow increase, the humidity may increase especially in your RV and garage. This leads to build-up on your windows and mold growth on the walls and other areas prone to dampness.

However, the best RV / car dehumidifier for winter storage addresses all these problems as we will find out.

RV and Car Dehumidifier for Cold Weather

An RV dehum may not seem that important at first when moisture begins to build up inside your vehicle, it is only a matter of time before the damage is done. A dehumidifier for winter not only helps to keep humidity at optimal levels but also helps to dry out your RV or car when needed. Furthermore, they prevent window condensation and mold growth.

The two major RV dehumidifiers in winter are desiccant and refrigerant. The former is more useful in winter, which is something you may want to keep in mind when shopping for the best car dehumidifier for cold winter. The table below shows RV / car dehumidifiers for cold weather.

Max Area
(Cubic ft)
Pro Breeze Electric Mini182200
Eva-Dry E-3336333
UooEA Reusable6340

Cold Weather Garage Dehumidifier

You might find out that your garage is freezing during winter or you simply need to reduce the humidity levels in your RV to avoid excessive sweating. You might find some of the best cold weather garage dehumidifiers handy. Choosing one is a cost-effective way of making your garage more comfortable. Although it depends on the size of your garage and the amount of moisture it is getting exposed to.

Here’s a table showing some rv / car dehumidifiers for cold garage.

Max. Area
ECOR PRO3040500
Afloia Basement Dehumidifier1550500

Moisture Absorber Bag for Cold Weather of RV and Car

You most likely sleep, cook shower, eat, and carry out other activities in your RV, so it is only normal to expect increased humidity. Fixing an extra window may not be of much help during the colder months when it is snowing and freezing outside. All you need might be a moisture absorber bag for cold weather.

The material, capacity, and portability are the most important factors to look out for when searching for a moisture absorber bag. The table below provides an overview of the best in the market.

Brand MaterialsCapacity
PingiCalcium chloride350g
Eva-dry E-333Silica gel6
DampRid Drop Starter KitActivated charcoal15

Solution: Dehumidify RV/Car and Storage In Cold Weather Winter

To avoid unexpected repairs and keep your RV/car in great shape during the cold winter months, there are a couple of things to be done.First, humidity must be kept at low levels and might need to be heated to avoid reducing the lifespan of your dehum.

Overall, the solution can be summarized as follows:

#1. Park The Car in A Garage With A Dehumidifier

This is pretty straightforward. A garage protects your RV/car from harsh weather elements and greatly reduces the condensation problems it faces.

#2. Keep Some Dehumidifiers in Your Car to Absorb Moisture

Having controlled the external factors, you also need some dehums to take care of your car’s interior. If there is a leak or wet clothes in the vehicle, it will further add to the moisture problems. But a dehum for car interior will go a long way to reduce the problems you will encounter.

The Best Dehumidifier for Cold Garage: ECOR PRO 30 Pint Dehumidifier

If you have a home or garage near water or the climate is particularly harsh where you live, you definitely need the very best rv / car dehumidifier for cold garage, which is where ECOR PRO 30 pint comes in.

Here are the parameters at a glance – 30 liters capacity, continuous operation mode, 500 square feet of floor area covered, and 40C upper temperature rating. Apart from being the perfect dehum for your cold garage, it is also equally effective in basements, bathrooms, crawl spaces, and attics.

ECOR PRO 30 Pint Small Portable Desiccant Dehumidifier


Being a desiccant dehum, it offers:

  • Convenience: No drain hoses needed or water containers, compact, portable, quiet, and works better under extreme temperatures. It could be mounted anywhere on walls, ceilings, or even left to stand on its own.
  • Safety: It doesn’t make use of potentially harmful refrigerants and there are no leaks.
  • Large operating range: It is quite effective in areas without heat, which is a frequent occurrence during winter.
  • Additional features: A steel design guarantees long-term use even under the toughest conditions. Also, auto-restart features and DIY installation make the dehum user-friendly.

Satisfactory customer feedback isn’t too surprising considering the functional application of the product features. One user, confirming ECOR PRO 30 as the next step in tech said, “Am absolutely impressed with the product. Having returned two other dehumidifiers for coil freeze, this was the perfect solution. I also called to ask for details about a special server room installation and was provided with immediate help by the entire team. Good purchase.

Being effective for areas under 500 sq ft, the ECOR PRO 30-pint dehum is also perfect for walk-in closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, smaller boat cabins, small crawlspaces, and RVs.

The Best RV and Car Dehumidifier for Cold Weather: Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Dehumidifier

This dehum offers a long term and reliable solution to your humidity problems. The plastic dehum weighing just 1.2 pounds, a 6-ounce capacity, and covering a 333-cubic feet parameter is arguably the best rv / car dehumidifier for cold weather.

Requiring no long power cables or batteries, it makes of silica gel tech to take out the moisture from the air through beads that change from orange to green. You can use the unit for about three weeks before needing a renewal and the product itself has a service life of up to a decade. Although it takes several hours for the silica beads to dry and the device may heat up when charging, there are many advantages to look forward to.

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable dehumidifier


  • Small, lightweight design
  • Does not require a hose or filter
  • Durable and can last up to 10 years
  • Innovative odorless, non-toxic, and safe silica technology
  • Smooth operation, spill and mess free
  • Affordable – Renewable and has modest refill prices
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Low energy consumption

The majority of users have concluded that the product works as advertised.


Dehums are invaluable during the cold winter because they help you to tackle all the problems that come with increased humidity – mold, condensation, rust, corrosion, and property damage. Remember to close all windows and doors and keep your dehum clean to get the most out of it.

Going with any of our top picks means you have little to worry about. Even then, the best dehumidifier in garage winter may not be able to deal with some chronic condensation problems.

Still, there are other ways to control the humidity in your RV, car, or garage as we will see shortly.

How to Dehumidify A Car in Winter With Other Ways

If your climate does not permit the need for a dehum or rv / car dehumidifier for cold weather is above your budget, there are a couple of things you can still do.

  1. Damp items: Do not waste any time in taking out wet items from your vehicle. You could inspect for leaks, dry out damp spots, and use bath towels to absorb excess water from the seats.
  2. Open a window: It may sound counterintuitive but simply opening your window could provide much-needed ventilation and take out some damp. Of course, the windows should not be opened when it is raining or snowing.
  3. A/C: The defroster mode on your A/C could help raise the temperature and make the fog clear faster. Also, you might want to inspect the drains to see if they are blocked. If blocked, moisture ends up going through the vents and condensing on the windshield. Clean duct vents to maintain airflow. Don’t forget to replace the filters when due. Air conditioning may be a more expensive option depending on the humidity outside.
  4. Fans: Fans are especially useful when dealing with flooding in your vehicle by removing excess moisture and helping your vehicle interior to dry out faster. You could make use of an exhaust fan or an industrial-sized one.
  5. Inspect your property: If your car is parked in the garage and still experiencing high humidity levels, you may want to inspect your building foundation for cracks and structural problems. If found, try using hydraulic cement or silicone caulk to seal the cracks. Also, you may want to inspect gutters around your home or garage. Prevent or remove clogs and make sure the rainwater is directed away from your property’s foundation. Your soil should slope away from the foundation to reduce accumulation of water.
  6. Wind deflectors: You could attach or fit these accessories to your doors or windows and they may be enough to allow for adequate you drive your car in the rain with partly open windows.
  7. Try natural products: Since you cannot get a dehum, it only makes sense to try something close to it. You could try using natural products such as rock salt or charcoal briquettes. Try putting them in a bucket and leave them in your RV or car. However, you would need to keep it out of the reach of kids since ingestion could be poisonous.

Finally, you could combine the benefits of having the best rv / car dehumidifier for cold garage with the above alternatives for even better results.


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