Waykar 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review: Best Dehumidifier for Parents

Waykar 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review

If you are reading the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier reviews it means you are in a dire need of a dehumidifier.

Waykar 70 Pint Dehumidifier
Waykar 70 Pint Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is an amazing addition to your house, office, gym, motorhome, crawlspace, or other personal spaces where high humidity is an issue. Perfect dehumidifiers do not exist, but a dehumidifier that is perfect for you does.

Well, this Waykar dehumidifier review is all you would need to decide if Waykar 70 pint is for you or not.

This blog does not only contain my experience with the Waykar dehumidifier. But I have also tried to include the pros and cons that other customers included in their reviews.

So, let’s start this in-depth review.

Waykar Dehumidifier Specifications

Extraction per day70-pint
Dehumidifier working area4500 sq. ft.
Noise levelLow (decibels not specified)
Working Temperature95 Fahrenheit and below
Auto settingsTimer, Turn on/off
Water tank capacity1.18 gallon or 4.5 liter
Energy efficiencyHigh
Weight27.5 lbs
Size11.4 x 10.2 x 24.4 inches

Who’s Waykar Dehumidifier for?

Waykar has a ton of dehumidifiers in the market. Some are perfect for motorhomes while some work amazing in the garages (Find more garage dehumidifiers you can click the link). So, for whom is the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier perfect?

In my opinion, the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is great for big spaces or areas with extremely high humidity. You can also use it in a motorhome, however, the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is quite bigger and might not fit in smaller RVs (Click here to check more dehumidifiers for RVs). However, the best users of this dehumidifier are obviously parents. And the reason behind this are the various safety features.

The perfect space to use the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is a 4500 sq. ft. house. You can install it in the living room and let the device dehumidify the air all around the house.

Waykar Dehumidifier Design and Construction

Next up in this review, I will talk about the 5 main design and construction aspects of this dehumidifier. These design facts do not make this dehumidifier perfect. However, these aspects do make the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier worth your money.

Overall Appearance, Size, & Weight

Waykar 70 Pint Dehumidifier Size & Weight

In comparison to most of the other 70 pint dehumidifiers on the market, the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is fairly smaller and more compact. The outer body of this dehumidifier is white and hence easier to match with most of the indoor decor.

The dehumidifier is taller than its wider and has a sleek style. The air vent area of the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is black and offers a striking contrast from the white body. Furthermore, the bottom part of the dehumidifier including the wheels is also black.

Finally, on both sides of the dehumidifier, two rectangular dents are present. This feature serves as a handle for the dehumidifier and makes it easier to transport.

Intelligent Touch Panel

Waykar 70 Pint Dehumidifier Intelligent Touch Panel

At the top side of the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier, there is a user-friendly intelligent touch panel. First of all, it shows the humidity level in the center of the screen. The intelligent touch panel also has 7 of the following touch buttons:

  1. Timer: Press this to initiate the auto start and auto stop feature.
  2. Lock (2S): Press and hold the lock button for 2 seconds to lock the control panel.
  3. Up: Press the up button to increase the humidity level.
  4. Lighting: Press the lightning button to turn on or turn off the intelligent touch panel’s light.
  5. Speed: Use this button to control the speed of the dehumidifier fan.
  6. Down: Press the down button to decrease the humidity setting.
  7. Power: The big button right under the digital screen is the power button. Press it to turn on or turn off the dehumidifier.

Water Bucket

Wayker 70 pint dehumidifier with water bucket

The Wayker 70 pint dehumidifier with a 1.18 gallon or 4.5-liter water bucket. The water bucket is easy to detach from the dehumidifier. Furthermore, the water bucket features an ergonomic handle on top of it which makes carrying it for manual drainage easier.

Another great feature about the Wayker 70 pint dehumidifier’s water bucket is its water level indicator. The water bucket has a water level indicator on the back of the dehumidifier that tells you if the bucket is full or not.

Drain Hose for 24hr Continuous Drainage

Wayker 70 pint dehumidifier with continuous drain hose

In comparison with the 70-pint extraction rate, the 1.18-gallon water tank capacity seems smaller. On an extremely high humidity day, the water tank would fill up in a few hours. This imposes the danger of needing to empty the water tank several times every day.

However, the Wayker 70 pint dehumidifier’s 24-hour continuous drainage feature saves your time and makes using the dehumidifier more convenient than ever. Just connect it with your drainage system and the dehumidifier would do the rest automatically.

Four Washable Air Filter

Wayker 70 pint dehumidifier with  4 washable air filter

Unlike most of the dehumidifiers, the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier features 4 air vents. Due to the 4 air vents, this dehumidifier can dehumidify air 360 degrees. More air vents also increase the airflow and the speed of the dehumidification process. This is how the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier can quickly dry your clothes, reduce moisture from your garage, living room, kitchen, and so on.

Waykar Dehumidifier’s Features & Functions 

Following are the 5 top features and functions of the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier that caught my eyes. These features also helped me write an honest review.

Dehumidifying ability

One of the top-selling points of the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is that it can remove 70 pints of moisture from the air per day. This high extraction rate is incredible for an extremely humid area. The dehumidification process is extremely fast. You can feel the difference just after minutes of turning it on.

Automatic humidity sensor

Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier with automatic humidity sensor

One of my favorite features of the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is the automatic humidity sensor. The benefit of this automatic humidity sensor is that this tool will detect the humidity level of the room 24/7. And with the given information will increase or decrease the dehumidification process to achieve your preferred humidity level.

Another benefit of the automatic humidity sensor is that it will reduce energy usage. For example, when the humidity level in the room reaches your preferred humidity, the motor is slowed down and hence uses less electricity. On the other hand, dehumidifiers without the humidity sensor keep running at the same speed and waste tons of electricity. 

Automatic setting: 24hr built-in timer/Shut Off-On

Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier 24hr built-in timer

Another feature that makes Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier an energy-efficient and convenient dehumidifier is its automatic settings. This dehumidifier features 24 hours built-in timer.

In other words, you can set the timer anywhere from 1 to 24 hours to turn on or turn on. This feature is especially useful for those people who work from offices. You can set the dehumidifier to turn on before you come home so that you can enjoy fresh dehumidified air. Similarly, you can set it to turn off after you leave the house to reduce your monthly electricity bill.


When it comes to dehumidifiers, the noise level is one of my priorities. Because what is the benefit of fresh air when the dehumidifier sound leaves a sour taste in your mouth?

This is why I was hesitant to buy the 70-pint Waykar dehumidifier because dehumidifiers with higher extraction rates are usually louder. However, to my surprise, the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier offers quiet operation. It might not be as quiet as an absorber dehumidifier. But it doesn’t create more white noise than a ceiling fan.


Wayker 70 pint dehumidifier with 2 seconds child lock feature

If you live with kids then dehumidifiers with safety features are a godsend. This is exactly what the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is. This dehumidifier is filled with safety features. For example:

  • As stated earlier, the 2 seconds child lock feature locks the intelligent touch panel and makes it impossible to change the dehumidifier settings.
  • Next up is the “Safety Standby Mode” which prevents the dehumidifier from overheating during the dehumidification process.

Other than the 2 safety features, the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier prevents overflowing. In other words, when the water tank is filled to the brim, the dehumidifier stops working and saves the water tank from spilling.

Lastly, the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is made of thermally resistant material and will last longer.

Waykar Dehumidifier Cleaning Guide

Cleaning the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier or any dehumidifier, in general, is always a good idea. By cleaning the dehumidifier you can even increase its ability to dehumidify the air better. But how do you clean the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier? The following are a few tips for you.

Wayker 70 pint dehumidifier cleanling guide
  • Start the cleaning process by removing the debris and dust on the top and the side of the dehumidifier. You can use a damp cloth to perform this job.
  • Next up, get a vacuum cleaner and clean the vent of the dehumidifier to remove any remaining dust.
  • Finish off the process by cleaning the water tank with vinegar water to remove the foul odor if needed. Or you can also clean the water tank with a mild soap.

Waykar Dehumidifier Working Examples

In this section of the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier review, I will mention the real-life examples and reviews I read on the internet about the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier.

Example 1

I live in Alabama and in the summer the humidity gets so high that breathing in my own house feels like torture. This is why I got the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier to reduce the humidity level in the house. Within 3 minutes of setting up the dehumidifier, I noticed the difference in the humidity level. And since then I have never had any problem with the high humidity.

Example 2

Due to the high humidity in my city, my garage was spelling like a wet dog. I tried to reduce the humidity by opening up the windows and improving the ventilation. However, as the source of high humidity was not inside, opening the windows did little to nothing. My garage would have still smelled the same if I had not gotten the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier. This dehumidifier reduced the humidity level within an hour and eliminated the foul smell.

Example 3

I have been using the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier for my 1100 sq. ft. basement. As the basement has carpet and clothes, there is a ton of space for moisture. However, since using the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier I have stopped seeing condensation and the humidity is always below 60%.

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To wrap it all up, the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is energy efficient, works fast, looks stylish, and is easy to operate. The only disadvantage of the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is a huge number of customers have complained that the customer service is inadequate.

In my opinion, the Waykar 70 pint dehumidifier is suitable for a 4500 sq. ft. or a smaller space with extremely high humidity. I would also like to recommend this dehumidifier to families with kids as this dehumidifier is safe to use.


I am Johnson, welcome here. I love RV travel, and RV is more than simply a mode of travel for me, it is a way of life. But terrible humidity and mold destroy my freedom and happiness, so I started cardehumidifiers.com to share my own experiences and sources of dehumidifiers to generate even more value. You can find out more about my story here or follow me on Youtube if you wish. If the humidity is also trapped around you, the articles here will have some tips and suggestions and reviews of dehumidifier, hoping to help you and more people.

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