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I am Johnson, welcome here.

Everyone has dreams. A free life and unrestrained walking are definitely the pursuit of most people. As a carrier, the RV will help me to realize my travel dream.

I love RV travel, and RV is more than simply a mode of travel for me, it is a way of life. From camping to RV tourism, I have experienced all kinds of situations, and also tasted the sweets and bitters of travel. I bought a class B RV before, and recently, I switched to a class C RV.

Why Create The Blog cardehumidifiers.com

But instead of sharing information on how to choose a good RV, this site addresses a question most people have: how to dehumidify your RV?

My RV was attacked by mildew
My RV was attacked by mildew

I always experience wet areas and climates along the way, and sometimes heavy rainstorms, and the harsh external environment can make my RV extremely wet, and the result of humidity is mold.

Invest in a dehumidifier for your RV now.
What should you look out for when considering which dehumidifier model to buy?
This problem is more complicated, and there are many factors to consider, such as temperature, space size, noise, automatic drain valve, safety, etc.
So many problems can’t be explained clearly at once, and this is the reason for the establishment of this website.
For a better travel experience and RV use environment, and to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by humidity, it is definitely beneficial to invest in a dehumidifier.
So I started cardehumidifiers.com to share my own experiences and sources of dehumidifiers to generate even more value.
You can find out more about my story here or follow me on Youtube if you wish.  If humidity is also trapped around you, the articles here will have some tips and suggestions and reviews of dehumidifiers, hoping to help you and more people.
Of course, dehumidifiers are not only used in RV. But also in basements, rooms, bathrooms, pharmacies, safes, etc., so I will share more about the brand and knowledge of dehumidifiers to solve all the confusion caused by humidity.

About Our Team

Zain Javaid

Hey! My name is Zain Javaid. I was raised in the United Arab Emirates and live in my hometown in Lahore, Pakistan.
I have traveled to Arab countries and explored their cultures and traditions. Really fond of exploring new things in this beautiful world. Have a passion for video games, coding, and writing.

At the age of 16, I started giving attention to self-learning which helped me out in performing well in my academics and also turned out well for my job experience at the age of 18.

Started my first job as an accountant in prestige company. Got to know so much about this domain. This taught me how to manage accounts and keep a proper record of everything. After working in this domain for a year I explored the domain of sales executive in Asia’s biggest telecommunication provider company. My job was to deal with the customers located in the USA and sell the product in all the states of the USA. This experience helped my communication skills and also helped me better at understanding the cultural and traditional values of Americans.

Meanwhile, my passion for writing remains constant and it grew with the passage of time. I wrote books for my clients, some biographies, some short suspense stories, and some romance novels. Also wrote hundreds of articles and blogs based on all kinds of niches.

Have been doing my research work and gathering facts from the past few months about dehumidifiers and their uses. Got to know so much about dehumidifiers in a very short period. I felt my knowledge must be shared with others to help them find the right dehumidifier for them. Since then I have been writing articles in this niche and helping people in choosing what suits them best.

Javaria Yousuf

Javaria Yousuf

Hey! I am Javaria Yousuf, born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. It will sound super cliche, but I love reading books like any typical writer. I am also interested in language learning and currently speak 4 languages fluently.
Growing up, I always knew that I loved writing. And once I found out about content writing, my mind blew up. A few years ago, I started helping people with their blogs, which is how I became a part of the fantastic team at CarDehumidfier.
Writing about dehumidifiers seems like a tedious job. But as someone who lives on the coast and suffers from high humidity 24/7, dehumidifiers and I am a match made in heaven. And I hope to keep finding the best dehumidifiers for your next purchase.

Mohd Aqsat


Hi there, My name is Aqsat and I was born and raised in Delhi in India, and I have a degree in English from Amity University. I have acquired knowledge in various fields, such as education and e-learning, environment, health and care, finance, digital marketing etc. I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of home experts in my career. I have spent time helping these experts to build their businesses while assisting homeowners in caring for their greatest asset. I have been involved with indoor and vehicle air quality for a long time and feel that poor indoor air quality is one of the major problems. Now I have gotten the opportunity to share what I have learned. I hope you will find the content helpful.