Colzer Dehumidifier Review: Dehumidifiers For Huge Garages

Colzer Dehumidifier Review

Finding a dehumidifier for an average size garage is easy. But it gets tricky when you need a dehumidifier for a spacious garage with tens of cars.

But don’t worry, I have got you covered!

Today we will discuss the Colzer dehumidifier collection that features dehumidifiers for huge garages and houses. And I will reveal my favorite Colzer dehumidifier for garages as well.

So, let’s begin!

An Overview Of Colzer Dehumidifier Types

One of the best qualities of Colzer is that it offers dehumidifiers for everyone.

Furthermore, the following are some of the noteworthy Colzer dehumidifier and their specifications:

TypeModelRemoval Per DayAir Flow CapacitySuitable For
HomeHD10C100 Pint220 CFM5,500 sq. ft.
CommercialCFT4.0D232 Pint323 CFM8,000 sq. ft.
Dehumidifier with PumpCD190S180 Pint246 CFM7,000 sq. ft.
Dehumidifier with Drain HosePD582A140 Pint206 CFM6,000 sq. ft.

Who’s Colzer Dehumidifier For?

Colzer offers a wide variety of dehumidifiers that can be used in homes, offices, storage houses, and even industries. So, in short, Colzer dehumidifiers are for everyone.

But, personally, I believe that Colzer dehumidifiers, especially the Colzer commercial dehumidifiers, are perfect for huge garages with collectible cars. The industrial-level performance of the commercial dehumidifiers keeps the garages dry and humidity-free. And this low humidity atmosphere saves your cars from getting rusty.

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Colzer 232 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier Review

The Colzer 232 PPD is a commercial dehumidifier about 21.7 x 23.4 x 38 inches in size and weighs 105.8 pounds. The following are some of this dehumidifier’s main features that make it an incredible dehumidifier for your garage.

Colzer 232 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier

Floor Area Coverage

The Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier is suitable for an 8,000 sq. ft. area. So, no matter how big your garage is, the Colzer 232 PPD dehumidifier will take good care of it.

Removal Per Day

If a dehumidifier claims to be suitable for a huge area, then it should offer a high removal rate as well, And this is exactly with this Colzer commercial dehumidifier does!

This dehumidifier can extract up to 232 pints or 29 gallons of moisture from a 3,000 sq. ft. area in one day. In other words, no matter how high the humidity is outside, the Colzer dehumidifier will keep inside dry and fresh.

Continuous Draining

Even though the Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier features a fairly big water tank, draining the dehumidifier manually every day is a hassle. This is where the continuous draining feature comes into play.

You can connect the Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier to your garage’s draining system, and the dehumidifier will empty itself automatically. Furthermore, the Colzer dehumidifier comes with a drain hose, so you do not have to buy it separately.

Automatic Features

The Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier features multiple automatic features that not only make using this device but maintaining it easy as well. For example,

Colzer  Automatic Features
  • Automatic Restart: In the time of power outage, electrical dehumidifiers tend to turn off and then require to be set up from the start. But the Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier can restart automatically once the power is back.
  • Automatic Defrost: One of the main problems a dehumidifier faces in winter is freezing dehumidifier coils. This can cause poor performance if you do not defrost the dehumidifier manually. But with the Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier, you do not have to worry about that anymore.
  • Automatic Humidistat: The Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier features an automatic humidistat that senses the humidity and changes the settings accordingly to offer the best dehumidification results.

On/Off Timer

What if you want to turn on the dehumidifier during specific hours of the day? Does that mean you have to manually turn on and off the dehumidifier? 

Well, if you own a Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier, this job will automatically be done!

The Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier features a 1 to a 24-hour timer. Or in other words, you can schedule the dehumidifier to turn on and off within 24 hours.

Robust Design

Not only the Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier offer amazing features, but it is also built to perfection!

To start with, the outer body of the Colzer dehumidifier is made with anti-corrosion metal, which seems perfect for a device that is supposed to be used in high humidity areas.

Secondly, the body of this dehumidifier is also dent-free. Lastly, this dehumidifier is ELT-listed, so it has been tested vigorously.

User-friendly Control Panel

The Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier features a digital control panel that is extremely user-friendly. From setting humidity levels to scheduling automatic on and off, you can do everything with one touch!

Colzer User-friendly Control Panel

Furthermore, as the control panel glows in the dark, it is also easy to use during nighttime.

Easy To Transport

Just because you bought the dehumidifier for your garage doesn’t mean you can use it in any other room of your house. But commercial dehumidifiers are often heavy and difficult to move.

The product designers at Colzer knew this issue and solved it beforehand!

The Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier features 4 wheels that make moving this dehumidifier easy. Furthermore, the ergonomic handle ensures that you do not put pressure on your wrist while transporting this dehumidifier.

Are Colzer Dehumidifiers Bad for The Environment?

The following is a quick Pros and Cons list to showcase if Colzer dehumidifiers are bad for the environment or not:


  • Uses less electricity
  • The dehumidifiers last for years
  • Prevent allergies

The Colzer dehumidifier does not have any known negative effect on the environment!

So, the question remains: Are Colzer dehumidifiers bad for the environment? And to answer it simply, no, Colzer dehumidifiers are not bad for the environment. All this dehumidifier does is remove humidity from an area and prevent corrosion and allergies!

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