Anden Vs. Quest Dehumidifier: Best Whole-House Dehumidifier For Garage

Anden 320 vs. Quest 335 Dehumidifier

High humidity in your car garage is detrimental to your vehicles. Not only the moisture affects the car aesthetically (aka makes it rusty). The high humidity can also corrode the car engine and cause short circuits and fire hazards.

This is where the whole house dehumidifiers for the garage come into play. Install these industrial-grade whole-house dehumidifiers in your garage and control the humidity!

But, which dehumidifier to get for your car garage?

We will do an Anden vs. Quest dehumidifier comparison in today’s article. And by the end, you will know which dehumidifier is best for your garage.

Let’s begin!

Anden Dehumidifier Features

Anden dehumidifier

Following are two of the key features of the Anden dehumidifier brand:

VLGR Technology

The Anden dehumidifiers are marketed toward the agricultural industry. And this is where the VLGR or the Variable-Speed, Low-Grain Refrigerant technology comes into play.

VLGR is Anden’s patent-pending technology. In simple terms, this technology allows maintaining the humidity to an exact level. And this leads to better crops all year around.

Easy to Contact

Anden is all over social media. You can contact the company via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This dehumidifier brand also has a youtube channel where you can quickly learn more about the brand and its various products.

Quest Dehumidifier Features

The following are two of the main features of the Quest dehumidifier brand:

Quest Dehumidifier

UL Rated & ELT Tested

The majority of Quest dehumidifiers are UL-rated and ELT-tested. In other words, the products from Quest are safe to use in your house, garage, and factory. These dehumidifiers will not cause any fire hazards. 

Availability of Accessories & Filters

Often after a couple of years, you need to change the dehumidifier filter. Fortunately, Quest sells the original dehumidifier filters and accessories on their website. This makes it easier to maintain the dehumidifier in the long run.

Anden 320 vs. Quest 335 Dehumidifier

One easy way to do the Anden vs. Quest dehumidifier comparison is by comparing the best product from both brands. So, let’s look more into the Anden 320 and Quest 335 dehumidifier!

Anden 320 vs. Quest 335 Dehumidifier

Size & Weight Comparison

When it comes to whole-house dehumidifiers, the size and weight of the dehumidifier do not matter as much as that of a portable dehumidifier. However, if your garage is smaller than average, then every inch counts.

The Anden 320 dehumidifier is 24.25 x 32.63 x 24 inches in size and weighs around 180 pounds. Similarly, the Quest 335 dehumidifier is 32.9 x 23.7 x 24.6 inches in size and weighs approximately 215 pounds.

The Anden 320 dehumidifier wins this round due to its relatively compact and lightweight body.

Removal Per Day Comparison

One of the main features you should check while buying a whole house dehumidifier is the removal per day rate. This rate simply shows the amount of water a dehumidifier can remove in one day.

The Anden 320 whole house dehumidifier removes up to 340 pints of moisture daily. On the other hand, the Quest 335 dehumidifier removes 350 pints of moisture per day.

Even though the removal per day rate difference is not that high, the Quest 335 dehumidifier still wins this round by 10 pints.

Airflow Rate Comparison

A whole house dehumidifier airflow rate or CFM (cubic feet per minute) means how much air or liquid flows out of a system in one cubic foot per minute. To understand this, remember that when it comes to whole-house dehumidifiers, the higher the CFM, the better.

So, what’s the airflow rate of both of our dehumidifiers?

The Anden 320 dehumidifier offers an 830 CFM airflow rate. Meanwhile, the Quest 335 dehumidifier offers a whopping 900 CFM airflow rate.

The Quest 335 dehumidifiers win this round because of a higher CFM rate.

Installation Option Comparison

Not all garages are built the same. So, it would be foolish to think that one installation method would be perfect for different types of garages.

Fortunately, both Anden and Quest’s whole house dehumidifiers come with multiple installation methods!

You can either install the dehumidifiers freestanding (with legs) or suspend them. Moreover, unlike Quest, the Anden 320 dehumidifier is also suitable for ducted installation.

(PS: The suspended installation style is perfect for small garages!)

However, I noticed one difference: Anden 320 dehumidifier comes with the brackets required for suspending the unit. Meanwhile, you must buy the Quest 335 dehumidifier brackets separately.

Lastly, both of these dehumidifiers offer plug-and-play. Simply connect the dehumidifier to the electrical socket and turn it on. No additional installation is required!

Even though both dehumidifiers offer multiple installation options, the Anden 320 dehumidifier wins for including the brackets required for suspending the unit.

UL-Rated & ELT-Tested Comparison

Safety and security always come first, right? Getting UL-rated devices ensures that the product is recognized as safe to use the device.

Most Quest dehumidifiers, including the Quest 335 dehumidifier, are UL rated. However, the Anden 320 dehumidifier is not UL-rated.

Due to the UL-rated and ELT-tested badge, the Quest 335 dehumidifier wins this round.

Ease of Use Comparison

The Quest 335 dehumidifier features a digital panel that helps you to change the settings. On the other hand, Anden 320 dehumidifier comes with a Model A77 remote control which allows controlling the dehumidifier remotely from a small distance.

Having a remote-controlled whole house dehumidifier at face value does not seem like a big deal. However, the remote control will be handy if you use the suspended installation method.

Due to the inclusion of a remote controller, the Anden 320 dehumidifier wins this round.

Warranty Comparison

Both Anden 320 and Quest 335 dehumidifiers come with a 5 years warranty. In case of any problem with your device, you can quickly call the company for assistance.

The Quest 335 and Anden 320 dehumidifier tie in this round.

Where to Buy?

Buying a whole house dehumidifier for garages should not be this difficult. But for some reason, the whole house dehumidifier brands make purchasing their products tricky.

For example, you must fill out an entire form to buy the Quest 335 dehumidifier!

Luckily, the Anden 320 dehumidifier is available at many HYDROPONIC-RETAIL-STORES and HVAC-DISTRIBUTOR. You can either go to the store or call the store and discuss the purchase method.

Due to multiple seller locations, the Anden 320 dehumidifier wins this round.

Anden Vs. Quest: Which dehumidifier is better?

First, both Anden and Quest dehumidifiers are among the best in the market. They offer great features that make controlling the humidity in your garage easier. But only one humidifier can win the Anden vs. Quest battle.

In my opinion, Quest 335 dehumidifier is a clear winner. Even though this dehumidifier is slightly heavier than the Anden 320 dehumidifier, the Quest dehumidifier removes 350 pints daily and features 900 CFM. Not to mention, unlike Anden, the Quest 335 dehumidifier is UL rated and ELT-tested dehumidifier.

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