Quick Guide to Vent Heat from Dehumidifier [The True]

How to vent heat from dehumidifier

Humidity at home is most likely linked with the activities we perform or the area we live in. Dehumidifiers are the best option available for us to dry the air and deal with high humidity in our house or RV (Here guide to choose the best dehumidifier for your RV). This works by removing moisture from the air. The dehumidifying process generates heat, the air coming out of the dehumidifier is slightly warmer than the air in the surrounding. This is great when the weather is cold, you will be getting warmer and pleasant air. But this is not so good when the weather is warm. In this article, we will provide you quick guide to vent heat from dehumidifiers.

First of all, we need to know there are two types of dehumidifiers on the market. A compressor dehumidifier produces heat. Meanwhile, a desiccant dehumidifier does not produce any heat. If you are concerned with the heat produced by dehumidifiers, then the best solution is to use a moisture absorber dehumidifier.

Why Compressor Dehumidifier Produces Heat

Normally dehumidifier produces heat. It is totally depended on the size, design, model, usability, and the type of dehumidifier. The compressor dehumidifier produces heat because it uses a fan to suck the air from its surrounding. Air then passes from a very cold coil which absorbs the moisture from the air. Later, the air is made warm before releasing in the environment. The air which comes out is warmer and drier than the air in the room. Also, the fan keeps working and producing heat.

Venting Dehumidifier Heat

Ventilation of heat produced by dehumidifiers is not a big issue. In fact, if your house has good ventilation and it’s spacious, you do not need to rely on a dehumidifier. Placing dehumidifiers outside won’t help with humidity, we have to keep them inside. The best we can do is minimize the hours of using a dehumidifier. Or you can provide proper ventilation by opening windows and doors for a while. It also depends on the size of the dehumidifier. If you have a small dehumidifier, you do not need to worry about its ventilation at all.

Using Moisture Absorber

Consider using a moisture absorber if you are concerned about heat and ventilation. It uses silica gel beads and does not produce heat. The silica gels absorb the humidity without warming up the air. However, some desiccant dehumidifier needs to be dried after it absorbs the moisture. The drying process may produce a little amount of heat but the heat totally depends on the amount of silica gel present in the moisture absorber.

Stop Running Dehumidifier When Humidity Is Normal

When the air is dry and humidity is cleared, it’s the best choice to turn off the dehumidifier. Turning the dehumidifier on for a longer period of time will make the air warm. Also, it is a good practice to use a dehumidifier when you are not at home. As the big dehumidifier removes moisture from the air at a very fast rate, it is better to use it for a shorter time.

Purpose of Using a Dehumidifier

The best time for using dehumidifiers is during spring, summer, and early fall. There are many uses of dehumidifiers. The best uses of the dehumidifier are, that it reduces mold and mildew, prevents musty odor, eliminates allergy symptoms, reduces pest-related issues, minimizes condensation, reduces dust mites, lower energy cost, and the air becomes cleaner and makes people feel more comfortable. Therefore, there is little problem that the dehumidifier emits heat and affects the comfort.


Mostly, all dehumidifier produces heat. All the ways that can be helpful to ventilate the heat produced by dehumidifiers are mentioned above. If you feel the room temperature is getting warm, try using a dehumidifier for a shorter period of time. Avoid using the things and performing activities that cause humidity. Such practices will not require much use of dehumidifiers. If you have any way that helped you with heat from a dehumidifier, do share with us in the comment section below.


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