10 Ways How to Dehumidify Car Hacks You Need to Know

How to Dehumidify Car

Worried about your car’s humidity? Does your car windscreen fog very often? Are you getting a weird musty smell from your car interior? This is because of an excess moisturizer inside your vehicle.

Do not worry, you have come to the right article. We will guide you on the best ways to dehumidify a car to make your driving experience hassle-free. The tips we are giving you on how to dehumidify a car are life savings. The early you identify and fix the problem, the better for your vehicle.

No matter the climate outside, if you try out the ways mentioned in this article, your car will stay dry. Always remember, keeping your car interior dry and clean improves the lifetime of the interior and saves it from many troubles.

What are we waiting for, here are the best 10 how to dehumidify car hacks you need to know.


The best way to dehumidify the car is to use dehumidifier or moisture absorber bags.

You can easily find them in car stores or check my previous article 30+ Best RV Dehumidifiers . They are the simplest and easiest way to get rid of humidity in your car and keep the air fresh. The ideal dehumidifier is a bag made up of non-hazardous absorbent materials. It resembles silica gel beads. Dehumidifier and moisture absorber bags help to keep the interior windows from being fogged with condensation and to keep the mold and moisture damage to the car interior to a minimum.


There are two types of ventilation in the vehicle. One is in-vehicle recirculation and another one is outside air ventilation. When the RVs are closed and windows are up, the air isn’t able to flow inside out, thus making the environment more humid. Also, when it’s raining outside, it is better to select in-vehicle circulation mode. Make sure you always select the right ventilation depending on the environment.

Less Bathing and Cooking

Whenever we take a shower in the bathroom, we feel the humidity in the air, the mirrors get foggy and so are the wall tiles. This is also true when taking baths in RVs. When you see the droplets are formed, wipe them with a dry cloth, it will reduce the humidity. The same is true when cooking, cooking makes the air warm and humid. By reducing cooking and bath time, we can reduce the humidity.

Climate Control

As technology has advanced, we have the feature of climate control in our cars. Make sure there’s a balanced temperature in the exterior and interior of your RV. Using appropriate settings of climate control is highly effective to reduce the humidity from the interior of the vehicle. New vehicles have an auto climate control system, making it very useful to control the humidity inside the vehicle. If your vehicle doesn’t have climate control, you can install one by spending some extra bucks.

Moisture Free Products

Using Moisture proof products is also a wise thing to do. If the product is not able to absorb moisture, it won’t be able to cause humidity in the environment. Using desiccant or activated carbon, and equipping a dehumidifier can do the job. Mostly the seats cover and the cushion placed inside the car is the major cause of building moisturizer inside the vehicle. Get rid of anything which can absorb the moisture.

Rainy Season

Rainy weather is lovely, everyone wants to pull the windows down and enjoy the cool fresh breeze. But the breeze is full of water droplets, enough to cause humidity in the vehicle. If possible, avoid pulling the windows down when it is raining. Also, turn on the inner circulation of the AC so the humidity doesn’t enter the vehicle. Doing this will get the moisture out of your car, and prevent humidity, and foggy windscreen.

Keeping the Interior Dry

Most of the time, we all show carelessness about the interior of our vehicles. We spill drinks and food on the seats, we enter with wet shoes, keep the door mats wet, etc. Interior washing is also a reason for humidity inside the vehicle. We need to keep our vehicle dry. The drier the vehicle is, the more humidity-free environment is. When cleaning our car interior, make sure there is proper circulation of air. The best option is to keep the windows down until everything is dried.

Check for Leaks

Vehicles are full of valves filled with fluid materials. The radiator, engine oil, gear oils, and other fluids. Keeping an eye on leakage of any sort is very important. Not only this will cause humidity but also can damage the Engine of your vehicle. Other types of leakages could be sunroof, window rubber, and windshield. Ensure all these things are sealed and water isn’t coming inside the vehicle.

Fresh Cabin Air

The cabin air must be kept fresh. Air filters should be checked from time to time and replaced if needed. This will provide pure air free from pollutants. If the cabin air is not fresh, condensation can build-up due to the moisture. The best practice is to change the air filter of your car at the time recommended by your car specialist.

Using Blower

By any chance you feel like moisture is building up in the cabin of your vehicle, don’t just sit around and wait. Grab the air blower and dry the areas of your vehicle’s interior which feel moisturized. If you are driving a heavy vehicle like a 4×4 or RV, dry the bathroom and kitchen. Dry the wet seats and the carpet. Make the vehicle dry as much as possible. The drier it is, the more good it is.


Now you know how to dehumidify car. Use one of the best ways to dehumidify a car and save it from humidity. The more dry the vehicle is, the fresher you will feel every time you enter.

Try the above-mentioned ways to dry out your vehicle and let us know which one is the best method for you. Keep in your mind, that your vehicle is like your partner, it requires attention from you. Make sure you give enough attention to your vehicle and keep it free from humidity and moisturizer. Saving it from moisture will save the interior and improve the life of the material.

Last and not least, buy yourself a dehumidifier and avoid using products and doing things that cause humidity such as tea cattle, steamer, warm showers, fabric door mats, and other products which can absorb the water droplets.


I am Johnson, welcome here. I love RV travel, and RV is more than simply a mode of travel for me, it is a way of life. But terrible humidity and mold destroy my freedom and happiness, so I started cardehumidifiers.com to share my own experiences and sources of dehumidifiers to generate even more value. You can find out more about my story here or follow me on Youtube if you wish. If the humidity is also trapped around you, the articles here will have some tips and suggestions and reviews of dehumidifier, hoping to help you and more people.

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