Dehumidifier Size Chart: What size dehumidifier do you need?

Dehumidifier Size Chart

Are you looking for dehumidifier size chart? You come the right place here, below are general chart of dehumidifier size from 10 pint to 44 pint based on room size from 500 sq.ft. to 2500 sq.ft.

Are you looking for what size dehumidifier do you need?
Here is an example, which can be a reference to be satisfied with your room.

Dehumidifier Size Required by Humidity Level

There is three humidity level when it comes to air.

Moderately Damp (50-60%): The garage feels musty and damp only when the weather is humid.
Very Damp (60-70%): The garage has floor or wall sweat or pipe leakage. The air in the room often feels humid or smells wet.
Humid (70-80%): The room always smells musty and you can see wet spots on walls and floor.
Extremely Humid (80-90%): High load conditions such as drying laundry on the garage floor.

To select a dehumidifier size, we need to know the capacity of humidity to be removed from your room. We can calculate the dehumidifier sizing by considering your Room dimensions, Temperature, Humidity.
You can calculate the capacity in lilter per day, which is the difference between the present humidity and the desired humidity in terms of equivalent volume of water.
For example,

#1 If room 0-500 sq.ft. and moderately damp So 10 pints size dehumidifier required (31 Liters)

#2 If room 1000-1200 sq.ft. and very damp So 20 pints size dehumidifier required (47 Liters)

Dehumidifier Size Chart

Following is a chart that would help you to find out the perfect size of dehumidifier that you need.

Dampness Level500 sq. ft.1000 sq. ft.1500 sq. ft.2000 sq. ft.2500 sq. ft.
Moderately Damp10 pint14 pint18 pint22 pint26 pint
Very Damp12 pint17 pint22 pint27 pint32 pint
Humid14 pint20 pint26 pint32 pint38 pint
Extremely Humid16 pint23 pint30 pint37 pint44 pint


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